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Ideal Female Body Measurements

The answer to this question is a point of contention and social debate.

This is why we can't give you this number right away without qualifying certain "issues".

So, before we just spell out the numbers (bottom of this page), let us first take a look at a couple of things that are vital when considering ideal female body measurements:

  1. Waist-to-hip ratio
  2. Vital Stats or Measurements

The waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) is something you have heard about plenty of times. But, what is it really? Well, it's a woman's waist measurement divided by the hip measurement.

ideal female body measurements,

Here's an example:

Jane has a waist measurement of 28 inches and a hip measurement of 40 inches.

28 divided by 40 = 0.7

Thus, Jane's waist to hip ratio is 0.7 (this is the way it's expressed: 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, etc.)

Now, here is the problem, and this is why we mentioned that we needed to qualify certain statements before we mention what the ideal female body measurements are.

Namely, there are significant cultural differences in terms of preferences for what the ideal female body measurements should be.

Research has discovered that the waist-to-hip ratio of any woman of any build is strongly related to how attractive a woman is perceived to be. This perception of attractiveness is prevalent in all cultures.

Women with a 0.7 waist-to-hip (waist circumference measurement that's 70% of the hip circumference measurement) are often perceived to be more attractive by men from North America and European cultures.

Famous beauty icons (past and present) such as Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren all have (or had -in their primes) waist-to-hip ratios of around 0.7.

However, preferences vary from culture to culture. For instance, men in Asia perceive women with waist-to-hip ratios of 0.6 to be the most attractive, while in South America and Africa women with ratios of 0.8 or 0.9 are believed to be the most desirable and most attractive.

Vital Stats/Measurements

The waist-to-hip number alone doesn't say much without knowing the vital stats measurement of a woman.

Thus, a woman's "dimensions" are expressed in terms of the circumference around three main points - widest point of the chest, narrowest point of the waist and widest point of the hips.

Here's an example:

A 36-29-38 (inch) vital stats measurement means a 36" bust, 29" waist and 38" hips.

This measure is called a woman's vital statistics.

A woman's bust measurement is her breast size, as reflected by her bra cup size.

Let's illustrate this with an example of 2 different women:

Woman A with a bra size of 36A has a rib cage of 35 to 36 inches in total circumference and her bust measures 37 inches.

Woman B with a bra size 34C has a rib cage of 33 to 34 inches in circumference, but the same bust measure (as Woman A) of 37 inches.

Thus, the woman with a 34C breast size - Woman B - will look bustier because of the difference in bust-to-hip ratios (narrower shoulders and more prominent breasts) even though both women have the same BWH ratio.

Another element that influences ideal female body measurements is height. Height affects the appearance of a woman's figure.

For instance, a woman who has vital stats of 36-24-36 and is 5 ft 2 inches tall (1.57 m) will look different from a woman who has the same 36-24-36 vital stats but stands 5 ft 8 inches (1.73 m) in height.

Because the taller woman's body figure has a greater distance between measuring points, she will appear (and be perceived) as thinner and less curvy than her shorter counterpart with the exact same vital stats measurements.

Thus, even though both of them have the same BWH (bust-to-waist-to-hip) ratio and the same weight, the taller woman is thinner because of her height.

Ideal Female Body Measurements - The Generally Accepted Standard

The ideal female body measurements (according to most modelling agencies and health, fitness and fashion experts) are:

34-24-34 inches (86-60-86 cm)

with a height of at least 5 ft 7 inches (1.70 m).



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ideal female body measurements,


There you go! Whether or not you agree with this is a whole other issue. For some this may be too thin. For others it may sound just about right!

In any case, we believe that this "ideal" female body measurement is not realistic nor representative of what women actually look like and puts unwanted pressure on women to try to be "ideal" when in fact each and every woman can be beautiful and sexy in her own way!

Ideal Female Body Measurements - Have an opinion on this? Share your thoughts with us and other visitors here!

Ladies (and gentlemen too...), share your thoughts and opinions on this topic with everyone here. We love hearing what you think!

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Everyone’s “sexy” is different but much is primal instinct. 
If we listen to sir mix-a-lot...men (pretty sure he specified black men) want a woman who is 36”x24”x36”, if she’s very short at 5’3”. 😉. Honestly, he’s …

Body Shape  
I'm a mom of 3, height is 5'7", with measurements of: 38x28x38. It's interesting reading all the other body measurements? I'm more unique on the chest …

My ideal  
I am 32(d)-26-38(no hips just my butt) and I’m 5’2 I think the ideal would be 32-25-41(no hips just butt).

I'm a 30 yr old mother of 4 (2 single pregnancies and a twin pregnancy). I suffer from diastis recti of approximately 1.8 finger widths. I'm rather short …

I'm 18, 34-27-34 with 34B chest and 125lbs at 5'3" and I've always been perceived as "curvy" but after reading this, I feel that my waist is too big... …

Your happiness is all that matters. 
In high school, I was measured for sewing in home economics class, and I measured 36-26-37, weighed 115 lbs., but I'm 5'2", so I was considered chubby. …

Ridiculous social constructs 
Lmao! If I had literally no fat (and no boobs) my "bust" would still be 37 inches. It would literally be impossible to reach 34 without removing ribs 😂 …

Ideal measurements by height 

I am fat.  
My Body measurement is 39-29-38; 5'4 only in height, I am chubby coz I am not tall.😂

Coming to terms with my measurments  
I always saw ideal measurements as 35/36-26-38 and when I took mine I was wayyy off and felt I would disappear if I had those measurements it’s important …

Doin' good 
I've got a 33" bust 25" waist and 38" hips whilst being 5'8" I can only get to a 24" waist if I don't eat anything for a prolonged amount of time- and …

Ideal is an idea 
When you look in the mirror and feel you are your healthy, best self you have an ideal body. When break healthy living and wise choices lead you to a certain …

Pear shape 
My shoulders are 34in, 34inch bust, 25 inch waist, 38 inch hips. My ratio is .68, and I’m 5’3” and 127 lbs. I can totally agree with the struggle with …

I am happy 
36-34-36 are my measurements and I find them nice.

Wrong waist to hip ratio in Africa and Asia. 
Black people tend to prefer a curvier look than white people, therefore the waist to hip ratio would be lower than 0.7, not higher. A w-h ratio of 0.9 …

Wrong statement  
You said that European and Asian men like curvier women then Hispanics & blacks, that is so not true. White men prefer a more straight up and down woman …

I am Statuesque!  
I am almost 30, a mother of 2, 148lbs & 6’0! My measurements are 35-26-38! Still working on certain areas but I love my curves with my height!

Ideal measurements....but not curvy  
Supposedly I have good measurements at 33-22-34 and 5 ft 6, but I'm still very flat chested and flat bummed. Barely filling B cups and not even filling …

No way 
There is no way Asian people prefer a bigger difference between hips and waist than Hispanic and Black. If Asian people prefer .6 that means a 25 inch …

What is perfection?? 
45 year old mother of one 5’5 and 138 lbs. Measurements 34-26-36. Hourglass shape. Ok... so it's now almost 2:30am here in Fairfield County, CT and …

Happy as I am  
I am 40-31-41 and I am really happy and a model. I am 5.7 and I like my big boobs and arse as it makes me feel like a woman. Most men choose my shape …

I’m 5’5 and my ratio is 40-28-40. Is this bad?? I feel like I’m too fat plus I’m a size 4 but everyone says I’m thick or I’m a “walking hourglass” but …

From a model... 
I'm 14 years old and 5'8.5 (174cm), my stats are 32- 24.5-33. Still growing though.

Tat rules 
I guess 34-24-34 5'7 is ideal for most models and actresses but for the everyday woman I'm not sure - most women I know are 5'5 and under.

Click here to write your own.

Food for thought 
I'm a 28 mum of one, measurements are 37-26-34 And I'm 5'7". Sitting at 139 pounds +/- 5 each way.

What a boring world it would be... 
What a boring world it would be if all us females looked the same. 34-24-34. Oh look at that girl she has a lovely figure, like the one behind her and …

78 years of life experience........... 
I lift weights, and, still after these 78 years maintain an interest in my appearance. These are my stats, height 5'8", weight 122 lbs, bust waist, hip …

ldeal female measurements  
Yikes. Only my dad likes those types of women. I am 63.5 inches. My dimensions are 35-29-41. I am currently 135 lbs. Many mentions from men and my mom. …

So evidently modeling agencies would think that I'm tiny? 
My vital stats ate 32, 23, 32. My WHR is .68, which I suppose is close to .7. But I'm 5'2". I never really thought of myself as overly small but plenty …

6.5' tall & curvy. It takes all sorts! 
Aww! Reading all these measurements just made me think of how varied the beauty of women is & imagine how beautiful some of these curves are. Really, …

Perfect measurements 
Anywhere from 40-26-40. To 45-30-45 is perfect. I'm a black (African American) female and mine are 40-29-45. These measurements are most desirable, but …

What about mine? 
I am an Asian with stats of 34-24-36, 100lbs and a height of 5'4". I think I have small boobs though.

Sixty Years Old 
My height is 5'7" my measurements are 39-35-41. I have always had a large waist, when I was 16 years old my waist was 25" and I wore junior 9 /10. Today …

The women body is beautiful regardless it would be boring if we all looked the same 
Im a 25yr old mother. My shoulders are 36inch, 34inch bust,31 inch bony ribs, 31inch waist,39 inch hips, and 37 inch thighs. My ratio is .79

Load of garbage 
All of this depends on genetics as well! NEVER forget genetics. I am 5'7" I CANNOT possibly go down to a 34 bust line. I am a 37- almost 38. My mother …

Don't worry! 
You will be loved as you are if you decide to love yourself. You will carry yourself with confidence, you will want to take care of your appearance and …

BWH 35-28-38 
35-28-38 (C cup) on a height of 1.65m with a good set of shoulders looks pretty good on my oriental wife.

33/27/36, 5'9.5", 176cm tall yet apple shape 
Ok so this is the shocking other side of hip to waist ratio. I calculated it for myself (27/36) and it came 0.75 (considered as most attractive as per …

36-27-39 5"5 
I've always been a pear shape. I used to have E cups but it made me look massive. I'd like to get to a 35-25-37

Bottom heavy  
Hi I'm 38 , 32-25-38 at 5'6", 125 lbs . My legs and butt are fuller but I have a tiny waist and a flat chest lol . It's really hard to find jeans that …

Different but nice measurements  
I'm 24, mixed raced, and quite petite. I'm 5'4", weigh about 125 pounds, and have measurements of 32D-25-37 (36-25-27). Most people tell me that I …

I would be too short  
I am 24 and exactly 34-24-34 but I'm also 5'4" so I would be more squat but I am quite fit so I'm happy with my body! 4 must be my lucky number haha …

We are all just fine 
We are all beautiful and worthy of love, in all of our wonderful different shapes and sizes. The way we are is never "wrong' and we don't have to be …

My hips are too small and waist is too big 
I'm 5'4, 135lbs, 36/26/34. My waist ratio is currently 0.76. I would like to be 36/24/34, but whenever I lose weight, it seems to always start with my …

This is crazy!  
I'm about 5'7 and am 32-27-39 and people love my body!

sounds ideal but don't think so 
I am 5'3" Oriental woman with a B-W-H of 34-23-35. It sounds ideal but I don't think so.

what about me 
Hi, I'm 23 years. My figure is 34-29-37 . My height and weight is 5'5", 63 kg. Is it ok?

Im happy with body but I want a sexy body Latina  
Im 30 and height 4'10". Chest 32, waist 26. hips 34. I feel too tiny and with small boobs and bootie .. Should I get more pounds and muscles?

Is my vital stat. OK?? 
My vital stat. is 33-26-33. HSSST thinking of my sexy body.

Click here to write your own.

I'm an Asian girl with height 5'4" and my shape is 34-26-35, is it OK?

Am I Sexy??? 
I am A 22 year girl from New Delhi. My body measurements is 38-22-36. Is it a curvy figure? Is it Sexy Enough?????

Curious about my shape 
I'm an Asian girl with height 5'2" and my shape is 35-27-37, is it OK?

Looking forward for 28 waist  
I'm 28 years old and 5 feet, not too long and as I'm pregnant right now my size is 38-37-40. :D

Cultural Adjustments 
In my opinion your article is quite slanted. Ideals are mostly based on cultural norms. Asian, Latino, Brown, White, African American female bodies are …

Is it really the ideal measurements? 
I'm 5'4 tall and 20 years old. Mine is 34-28-34 and I think I'm fat.

I feel good 
My size is 37-31-42 and I am 5'1. My babe sure loves it, especially the extra cushions that he gets. :D

I don't think so  
It's obviously too thin and not attractive at all according to men..it's like the model on the runway who starves. A girl with this measurement will look …

Too ideal  
I am 26, 5'4" and always have been curvy small framed. Measurements 36-22-36.

Should I lose weight?  
I'm 17 years old, female, 5'10" tall, and I weigh 143 pounds. My measurements are 34-25.5-38, and I'm a pear shape. I don't feel comfortable in my skin …

Glad I don't care about the next woman's shape, only my own! 
Hi, I'm 5'5", 115lbs 32/26/36. My waist ratio is 0.7. I have smaller boobs, however a rounder butt. Just thought I'd share! Thanks for the article! 😊

The "ideal measurements" and height for the measurements is bullshit! I'm 5'6" with measurements of 32-26-36 and everyone thinks I'm really skinny.

Best shape - ruler!  
So in other words, the ideal shape is.... a ruler? Because at 5' 7", 34-24-34 is not at all curvy! (In my opinion, that is.)

Stop With This "Ideal" Body Shape 
I am 22 years old and currently trying to get thinner in my waist. I am 5'10 with the measurements 37-30-42. It's a weird shape and I'm a little self-conscious …

My ideal 
What's ideal to one person is completely unideal to the next. Since I can see beauty in quite a few diffrent shapes and sizes, I find my self being more …

What about me? 
I'm JUST under 5'4" tall, 112 lbs with vital measurements 32-25-35.

My measurements  
I'm 18 (female), 5'3", and my measurements are 31-25-31. Honestly, as long as you're happy with the way your body looks (and you're healthy!), you shouldn't …

I'm considered as a rectangle body shape? 
I'm 5' 4", 118 lbs and 34-26-34 but I still look kinda big? I have very wide bones making my ribs and hips bigger but I guess is some extra fat around …

I'm considered as a rectangle body shape? 
Im 5' 4", 118 lbs and 34-26-34 but I still look kinda big? I have very wide bones making my ribs and hips bigger but I guess is some extra fat around my …

Am I still attractive? 
I used to be 36-24-34 and 5'6''. Now I'm 36-27-35 and feel like a fatass.

It's all proportion 
In essence, it's not the measurements alone . BMI, weight, height, waist hip ratio etc. It's the proportion that counts. The package! And the package …

I am a woman with vital statistics of 40-28-46, is it sexy?

b4 kids 
I'm 5'9.5". Just turned 44 and after 4 kids 11-19 and countless hours of crossfit, miles of running I am 34b 27 36. Before kids I was 34 24 34

I'm uncomfortable with my curves  
I'm 27 and I'm 5'8". My measurements are: 41-29.5-45 and I weight 165 lbs. I feel huge and deformed! I'm in between sizes, and I never can find flattering …

I don't like my body shape 
I'm 18 years, I've always been skinny. I weigh 110Ibs, and my doctor told me I'm a bit underweight and suggested I add a bit more pounds which is difficult. …

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Is it attractive? 
Vital statistics : 31.5-25-34.5 measurements at 5'2"; weight fluctuates between 100-104lbs.

I don't feel very comfy with my measurements. 38~32~37.5. And 5'3. I feel like my waist is too big.

Just me  
5'6" about 147lbs 34d-31-37. I look shapely but I need my stomach to be less shapely lol.

Body shape  
I think that the shape of the bust and hip have a huge impact when it comes to attractiveness. Some women could have larger hips with flat butts while …

What should I be? 
5 feet 0 inches, 142 lbs, 57years old, 36DD=42 INCH CHEST, 34 INCH WAIST and 39 INCH HIPS.

What are the ideal measurements for a curvy 42 year old woman 5'6" tall weighing 175 lbs?

Comfortable in My Skin! 
I don't believe in this perfect body mess. Love your body and if you want to get smaller, then work on it! I'm 5'1.5" and my measurements are 39.5/30/42.5. …

Embracing my own beauty 
I think we as women all have flaws regardless of our measurements. I had issues when my waist was 39 inches and 186lbs and I still have issues now …

My Dream Girl 
I have always dream to meet a girl with 36-22-38 or 34-22-38 vital statistics with an height of 5'6;5'7 or 5'8. Woman is the most beautiful creature …

We wish XD 
I'm 5'8.5" and taller than most women I know. I weigh about 140 or 145 and my measurements are 39-30-37. I hate my body because, though I'm a lot larger …

Beauty is far beyond the eye can see. True happiness comes from within. 
I'm only 4'11 , not so tall. I'm a 34-24-32, 85 lbs. with two teens I'm homeschooling. A 12 yrs old and 14, yrs old. Boy and girl. When I got married …

Ideal Female Body Measurements 
I remember beauty contests of my youth, and I stick to their standards. I do not endorse any modelling agency opinion. They are valueless and have tried …

Ideal Female Body Measurements VS Ideal Male Body Measurements! 
Model Agencies and may have the 34-24-34 ratio because the camera puts 7 pounds on the models, thus making them appear fuller than they actually are in …

Height is Decieving 
I'm 5'9" and 34-27-36 but I look thinner because I'm tall.

A bit childlike 35 1/2, 25, 29 
My body is like a porcelain Victorian doll. Yes my ribs are concave, so the plump shape of my breasts defies the modest amount that they actually poke …

Short but not petite. 
I'm 16, and my measurements are 36-24-36, but I'm only 4'10 so I look very curvy. I'm a 32E, and I hate my big boobs. I've always wanted to be a skinny, …

I chanced upon this website and looking at the comments, realized that many people here post things like "I don't care about my BWH" but in the end add …

Simply me 
Well, I'm 32 years of age 5'2" and weigh 105 lbs. My friends say I'm a bit skinny 'cause my bone structure is quite big and my vital statistics is 34(C)-26-34. …

My Idea 
In any case, we believe that this "ideal" female body measurement is not realistic nor representative of what women actually look like and puts unwanted …

As Long As I'm Healthy 
I'm 37, 138lbs, 5ft 3inches, and I'm pure Asian - 38-32-38 haha!

Who cares 
I'm always complimented on my figure I'm 36 22 34 I have a slim waist and flat stomach I'm happy.

Work HARD! 
I am 41 years old and have had 2 children. My measurements are: 36/26/37, weight: 133 lbs at 5'6". I work out hard in the gym and in the kitchen....80% …

Proud of my body 
I've always been thin. Two kids later it took some effort to regain the shape and muscle tone that came effortlessly when I was younger. I'm 27, 5'7.5", …

Good measurements, but wanting more definition.  
I'm Asian, so I don't know if there is a difference all around. I was brought up in the States. I am much curvier than people from my birth place (Hong …

I love myself 
I'm 24 Asian girl, my vital stats is 35-24-35. I'm 5'4, I think it's just perfect for me. ;-)

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I have been battling with weight issues since I've been in high school. I am now 31 years old, 5'7", & measurements of 38-28-38. I was much, much smaller …

Beauty Myth 
A well written article and very informative. However, it's insane to have such impossible and unhealthy body measurement standards as the 'ideal one'. …

Looked this up to prove to everyone that my body is ugly :)  
32-27-36 Height 5'4" No boobs. Fat waist. Fat hips. Incredibly fat because I am way bigger and at least 3 inches too short. My measurements on 5'7" …

18 yrs old 38-27-38 but only 5'5". I look really curvy because I'm short, mostly in the legs. xD

it's a whole new world out there 
There is, visually, a tremendous qualitative difference between 2 women with exactly the same height and measurement statistics when one works out and …

I'm 5'9" and my measurements are 36-28- but I'm pregnant now and I'm afraid I'm gonna lose my body once my son is born lol.

Very hourglassy 
Oh... I'm a 39(32E)-24-36 and I'm a little more than 5'3". Is that too much? I think my bust is too large to be considered a true hourglass where it's …

I am working to get into the military. 
My vital stats as of now are 38D-36-47. My goal is to get my waist area to around 30 to 29. I am 5'3"-5"4 in height. I am African American. The …

When you are younger you look at physical beauty and as you age or as I age you see beauty as something different since a female no longer has to produce …

Thin and petite and I like it 
I'm 23 years old and am 5'1" and weigh 82lbs. My measurements are 31-22-31. I feel totally good about the way I look and people usually give me complements …

Big gal 
I'm the Amazon here at 39-34-48 and 6ft 2 inches.

Need to lose weight 
I'm a 34C-26-49 and 'til this day I find it hard to believe that I'm a H-49 since to me they seem average. I love the way I look, especially since I think …

I'm fat dammit. 
I'm 5'2" with measurements of 44-34-44. I am trying really hard to lose the weight though...stress has made it very hard. I won't give up though!

Too big? 
I'm 5'11" and my stats are 38-28-40. I think it's decent. I could probably be slimmer, but I have a large body frame and used to be 300 lbs when I was …

Simple woman,but attractive to everyone 
I am 28years old. People keep saying I am sexy, skinny and attractive because of my body type 34-24-34. I just wear simple clothing, but for them it's …

Am I ideal? 
I am 19, I'm 5'7" and 34-24-36. I am an hourglass shape so I have wide hips, but I am in no way fat.

So Close! :P 
Well I'm pretty close! I'm 33-24-34 and 5'7! Ah darn just - an inch away from perfection (Just Kidding)! Oh well, that one inch really doesn't bother me. …

Here is a quiestionaire! 
My body measurement is 36B-28-37 with height 5 ft 6 inches. Is it good or bad for modelling?

Ugh boobs! 
Just turned 20, finally about to get my boob job(:. I'm 5'6" 31-24-34 right now. Soo very close! I crave to be ideal 34-24-34, will not stop till I am. …

Everyone says my body is perfect? 
I'm purely Latin. I'm 5 ft. tall and my measurements are 36-26-36. I've always heard if your waist was 10 inches smaller than your bust and hips you were …

.72 at almost 54 
After getting up to 194 lbs. by age 50, at a height of 5'1.5", I had no idea what my measurements were at that time, but they had to be scary huge. After …

Close Enough 
I'm 5'7" and 38-28-38. It's four inches more than the "ideal" but at least it's four inches more in all three. Cup size and waist can go down, but most …

Just the way God made me... 
Regardless of the weight you lose or gain, the proportions of your body and where your body distributes its weight are mostly to do with your genetics. …

I'm 5'9", 34-26-37 and I feel huge ha-ha!

I think these measurements are realistic to those who have an hourglass shape. The shoulders and the hips are the same and the waist is small. So these …

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Pretty close! 
My measurements are 32-26-36 and I'm 5ft 3". If just my breasts were a little bigger. And by this my bum's not as big as I thought it was!

I disagree 
My own measurements are 95-78-98cm (37.5"-31"-38.5") but yet people say my body is perfectly ok.

Lose weight? 
I'm 5'3" and I'm 36-29-40. Not sure this is a good thing... Considering I've lost some weight in a year (I'm 18 and I've been trying to lose weight) I …

I want to know if my body measurements are ideal 
I'm 42, height 5'3" Asian 32"-27"-36 with a weight of 118 lbs. How much do I have to lose?

Ideal for what? 
These would be excellent for bearing and nourishing an infant. Big hips to ease the stress (both mother and child) of childbirth, and big breasts to feed …

I'm okay... 
I'm 31-24.5-34.5 and I'm 5'6". I guess I would be really attractive if I wasn't so flat-chested...

I'm 5feet 8inches tall and 36-28-40.

For a 5'1" 
It's really cool to know the ideal body for women. I am 5'1" Asian woman with a B-W-H of 32-25-35. Well, I'm kinda content with my figure but I want to …

Does it matter? 
I'm 18 and 45-38-45 38DDD (yes I meant to put 3 D's) at 5'7" and guess what I don't care if I'm not "ideal measurements". I'm happy with how I am and I …

Apparently I have the "perfect" measurements.. 
I'm 5'7, black-caribbean with B-W-H of 34-24-34; they say it's the ideal but I disagree. I wish I had a larger bust and hips, I consider 36-25-38 (basically …

Should I try to improve my size? 
I'm 5"7 & I'm 38"-26"-37".

Cultural/Social Ideal 
Alright ladies: calm down now. This is 'ideal' and it clearly says, "In any case, we believe that this "ideal" female body measurement is not realistic …

Question on measurements 
What should be the measurements for a girl that's 148cm tall?

My measurements 
I'm 16, 41-30-41, and 5'2". So that's like .73, and I wear a 36D. I workout and play lots of sports, but I want to loose some weight. But guys tend …

Wow I'm Tiny... 
I'm 26-22-26 and im 5'6"; I am only 17 years old though so that might come into effect here. I just wish my breasts were a bit bigger...

Well it's OK I guess 
I'm 5'7" and have an OK figure I guess. It's 34-32-38 but it seems a little straight. My sister tells me I don't have a figure but boys check me out. …

Idk. Guesss I'm too Big 
I'm mixed and 5'2" at 170 pounds; 36-25-45 are my measurements. Guys always check me out because they love my big butt and hips. I just wish I could be …

I Agree 
My measurements are 36-35-45. I'm mixed with black white and Indian. I wish I could be that small. Im 5'2" and I am very curvy. I always attract guys everywhere …

Slightly Confused 
I am always sized as a 32D or 34C but my rib cage is 29 inches in circumference. What type of measuring system is this using? I'm 37-27-37.

I'm 5'9 with measurements of 36-25-32 and I'm clinically underweight with a BMI of 17.0 at 115 lbs. People have to remember to take their own body shapes …

Holy CRAP! 
I am 5'6. That waistline is going to be hard to get too!

People stop bitching. 
Take your own body shape into account instead of griping. I'm at 5'5", 37-27-40, and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. So I'm a little pear-shaped, …

This is way off! 
I'm 6' tall and measure 42 (actual bust but upper rib cage is 34-30-44) and my hips are very unlikely to get to a 34 because bones don't shrink! Also, …

I take issue with the idea that 5 foot 7 is the "ideal" height. It's possible that in the modeling industry, that is the case, but the modeling industry …

Am I fat ? 
I have body measurements of 34-30-38. Am I fat ?

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Do I have good measurements? 
Well I've got the bottom two pretty close. I'm 30-23-35. My waist ranges from 22 to 24 and my chest is just really small. Idk., are those good measurements? …

Doesn't sound right to me! 
24 inch waist? That sounds unreachable. My auntie was put in hospital when her waist was 25 inches as she was malnourished, then again she was quite tall …

Body shape 
I think everybody's shape is unique on its own. Wether you have a banana shape, apple shape, pear shape or even an hour glass shape, so far as you look …

Darn! Off by one. I'm a .07-ish, 34-25-34.

Scottish Female's Reply 
It is confusing when your b-w-h (bust-waist-hips) ratio is 36.3-32-36.5, and you're 5ft 4inches. It's confusing when it comes to getting a real dress …

Women are Perfect for Men 
The article states that in South America women with a bigger waist-to-hip-ratio are considered ideal, when in fact it is the opposite. According to the …

Body Shape 
Americans are using "unrealistic" in place of lazy with a lack of control. The .07 should be modified with skeletal structure, of course. I am 34c-23-34, …

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