Ideal for what?

by Robert
(Newton. MA)

These would be excellent for bearing and nourishing an infant. Big hips to ease the stress (both mother and child) of childbirth, and big breasts to feed the infant post natal. They make a woman "sexy".

In places where food is scarce, a body with more body fat might be seen as more desirable, as it would indicate good health through better food availability and would be better able so survive a future with less food.

Then there is the scaling factor. A 5'2" woman is .92 as high as a 5'7" woman, and this would scale the BWH to 31-22-31, much more attainable. A 6' woman scales to 36-26-36. Both seem much more attainable.

Also fashion models are tall and quite flat because they are unnaturally thin. This gives them an advantage legs wise, particularly for photographing which makes one's legs look fuller. The busty ones are frequently augmented, difficult design for, and usually find venues other than haute-couture for their assets (eg. Playboy or Sports Illustrated)

Also recently there is a trend for women to be in better shape physically leading to leaner sizes, particularly in the breasts which accumulate fat more than other body areas, and to relatively heavier weights due to muscle being denser that fat. Men seem to be accepting fitness as a factor in sexiness

Nuf said, and it's all the opinion of a 66 yo man who thinks Eisenstaedt's portrait of Sophia Loren made her the most powerfully sexy woman ever.

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