Importance of Physical Fitness

importance of physical fitness,

To address the subject on the importance of physical fitness let's look at a summarized list of the immediate and long-term benefits of being fit.

We can divide the list of benefits into several categories:

  • cardio vascular benefits
  • anti-ageing benefits
  • wellbeing benefits
  • aesthetic benefits
  • sex life benefits

If you would like to read a quick summary about the main components of physical fitness click on the link.

However, before you continue reading about the importance of fitness you can also find out what the most commonly agreed upon and general-purpose definition of physical fitness is.

Importance of Physical Fitness - Cardio Benefits

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Physical fitness has an importance to your cardio-vascular system that cannot be overstated.

The positive impact of any type of fitness activity has on your heart and blood distribution network of vessels, nerves and other muscle tissue is tremendously advantageous.

Being fit and performing some sort of regular fitness activity will improve your heart’s ability to cope with physical (di)stress and your whole body’s immune system will be enhanced and better equipped to fight against potential attacks on it by viruses, illnesses and even some diseases.

Your lungs will have an increased capacity and that means your body will be more effective at delivering oxygen to your muscles and brain which in turn results in “sharper” mind.

You will not get winded easily, you will not get tired to fast after performing a simple household chore and you will not feel as heavy on your feet during those hot, humid (and to most others) unbearable summer days for instance. Thus, cardio benefits will permeate into all facets of your life.

After you have been exercising for a few years and feel reap the benefits of being more fit you will understand the a better understanding of the importance of physical fitness.

Importance of Physical Fitness - Anti-Ageing Benefits

This is one that is very popular with readers both male and female. Once we hit a specific age we notice changes such as more wrinkles, saggy or saggier skin or muscles, joint and tendon discomfort etc.

Those of us that are more seasoned may remember the days when we were in our 20’s and had endless energy. We could go to the gym in the morning and play basketball or beach volleyball with friends all day and still feel very little fatigue at the end of the day and possibly be ready for a whole other host of activities the very next day. Once you pass 33 or 34 it's still possible to be very active, however, the only catch is that the fatigue level we experience at an older age is amplified and our recovery time is longer.

Our point is, we all age and that is the one great equalizer in life. Some of us age faster and some slower (more gracefully). Engaging in regular fitness activities or doing some bodybuilding will inevitable help you stave off the process of ageing. This means, it will slow it down and help you shave off years off your appearance.

So let us pose the question again: "why is physical fitness important?" - because it allows us to delay and stunt the effects of ageing through natural, non-surgical means.

Being fit has a cascading effect on your body. This means, if you’re fit you probably have a good cardio system. We talked about what that does for your body.

If you are fit and do some regular exercise you probably have less body fat which in turn means your muscle tone (for women) and mass (for men) is at a respectable level. For men more muscle means more testosterone.

This means, your testosterone levels will be decreasing slower than the levels of testosterone of a person who has never done any fitness activity. More testosterone for men means harder muscles, increased activity levels due to higher energy and let’s not forget a better sex life.

Importance of Physical Fitness - Sense of Wellbeing

This is in the mind but it is can originate from the body. A healthy body houses a healthy mind! One of the true benefits and answers to the question why is physical fitness important is due to the effects it has on your inner-self.

Think of it as a form of permanent “high” where your mind is in state where it (by “it” we mean you) knows that you are doing something for your body that has many positive effects. This gives you a sense of achievement and helps with self-actualization.

It is a sense of feeling great that enters your psyche and like some miracle drug helps you think better, feel better, do more, be more motivated, be more enthusiastic, be more efficient and more positive towards all aspects of life.

Thus, the importance of physical fitness in terms of a heightened sense of well-being is enormous. It is not quantifiable and visible such as bigger biceps or a smaller waist but it is equally, if not more, beneficial to you and is not to be overlooked and under-appreciated.

Importance of Physical Fitness - Aesthetic Benefits

Well, here we can really say “boy, where do we start”. The pure physical improvements on your body that you will notice on yourself as a result of doing regular fitness training or bodybuilding training are, and can be, significant.

Guys will have those much appreciated and coveted abs, bigger and broader shoulders that will solidify you as an imposing figure every time you walk into a room.

Girls, will have that highly desired smaller waist and toned muscles that will make them look more proportioned and will make every item of clothing look great on them.

Your skin will look better because it will simply reflect what is going on inside your body – a balanced internal system due to exercise! Your posture will improve and, for girls, allow for more graceful movement in our physical space (the words of a photographer friend of mine). Guys will have a more “manly” figure that will radiate health, strength and sex appeal.

Also remember, aesthetic benefits are linked to well-being. When you look better you also feel better! Importance of physical fitness is most definitely relevant here in this category!

Importance of Physical Fitness - Sex Life Benefits

Why did we include this here? Here is why. If we say that we live in a world where outside appearance does not matter – we would be a bit naïve and utopian in making such a statement. We are sure certain activists would disagree, but we also believe the many people would agree with the generalization stated above.

Does this mean we all need to look like supermodels, -of course not. However, being physically active and doing some fitness training or bodybuilding training is something that will just add another item into your plus column.

Sexually, it will help you perform better, especially if you are a guy. Visually, your partner will most definitely be more turned on by you if you have a nice flat stomach and if you’re a guy – sexy abs! What woman wouldn't like to see a man that is fit and has nice arms or shoulders or a sexy stomach – we think they all do. Similarly, have you ever heard a man say, oh she is “too fit”? Of course not, is a bit of an oxymoron.

Thus, you get the point.

Young guys may be motivated to go to the gym because they know it will help them attract members of the opposite sex.

There is nothing wrong with that.

As long as you are doing something and not sitting on your couch and playing video games all day, more power to you.

Whatever you use as motivation is still motivation and is always a good thing.

If this sex appeal aspect alone is enough to get you into the gym that is fine. Once you start exercising you will realize and change your thinking and realize there are many other reasons to be physically active.

For instance, older guys will usually be thinking that doing some form of fitness or bodybuilding training will help them in the long term to increase their strength, endurance and boost their immune system. This is also a great source of motivation.

In the end, different people will assign a different weight/importance to each of the values of physical fitness.

Thus, whether you use sex appeal as a motivator or something else is, in my opinion, beside the main point. The main point being – doing some form of physical fitness exercise and thus acknowledging that the importance of physical fitness in your life plays an important role!

Finally, we would like to conclude by saying that these are only a few of the benefits that we believe are most important. If you wish to read further and have a few more questions answered on -why is physical fitness important- click on the link. If you are even more intrigued then you can look-up some medical journals or perhaps books online or your local library where we are sure you will find more information

If you would like to know what the main components of physical fitness are, you can click the link and read about the different (official) components that are included and considered relevant to physical fitness.

If you happen to be among the over-50 crowd there is a great website that you can go to that specializes in fitness for those aged fifty and above and provides great information on the importance of physical fitness for said age group. You can click on this link to be taken directly there.

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