Leg Spreads

Alternate Names: Scissor Kicks, Good Morning Darlings, Lateral Scissor Spreads.
STEP 1Lie back down onto the floor with your knees bent and feet flat. Place hands at your sides.
STEP 2Keep your abdominals continuously contracted to stabilize your upper body.
STEP 3Straighten both legs until they are a few inches off the floor.
STEP 4Slowly spread your legs out and away from each other and then return them side by side to the start position.
STEP 5Complete movement for the entire number of prescibed or desired repetitions.
Special Notes
If you are a masculine guy, you will notice this is not the most masculine of exercises.

Having said that, here is the proper way to execute this movement: keep your back comfortable by tucking in the palms of your hands under your lower back. This will fill in the gap between the floor and your back and give you some cushion for optimal comfort. It will also add some stability and better balance to the execution of the exercise.

This exercise is especially good for women as it hits the inner thigh portion of the legs. Thus, the effect this exercise has on said portion is that of toning and tightening.

Once this exercise starts getting too easy to perform, you can add some ankle weights around your legs to increase the resistance and give your leg muscles more of a challenge. You will find that with most core exercises, adding more resistance at some point is needed because your muscles adapt and get stronger after a while. But that is a good thing because it means you are doing things right!

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