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What are good mass building routines?

There’s only one way to achieve the mass you want, and that’s by using free weights.

No matter what other routines you utilize for total body fitness, you’ll need dumbbells and barbells to build up the pure muscle thickness and definition that say who you are.

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Mass Building Routines - Design Your Plan

The first thing you need to do is take the time to set your goals.

Building mass requires devotion to an exercise plan and a dietary regimen that will challenge your focus.

This means doing a lot more than going to the gym several times a week and lifting a few weights. Are you ready for it?

When you work to build muscle mass, this is the exact opposite of getting fit through an exercise and weight-loss plan.

You are going to add to your body’s daily calorie intake, and consume more calories than you burn.

Mass Building Routines - Internal Aids

Then you will take those calories and meld them into super strong musculature by doing proper and frequent exercise.

Begin by consuming about one gram of protein for each pound of your body weight. You cannot build muscles without amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. They’re vital because in every workout session, you literally tear up your muscles. It’s true that the tears are small and invisible to the naked eye, but that’s what it takes to create muscle. Each time one of these tears heals, the muscle is forged into something stronger and thicker. And there is no healing without sufficient protein.

Proteins also create a state of positive nitrogen balance. This is something necessary for our bodies to grow new tissues; pregnant women have positive nitrogen balances. People with ravaging illnesses are nitrogen-deficient. You can actually measure your body’s nitrogen level, in a urine test at your doctor’s, to make certain you are getting enough protein.

It’s also important to consume carbohydrates in sufficient quantities, for three purposes. First, your body draws on them as the fuel to burn in the furnace. They provide you energy during your workouts. Second, when you’re burning carbohydrates, you’re not burning the proteins that you need to build mass. Third, you need them after a workout to spike your energy levels. You should eat a small serving of carbohydrates at every meal, and snack on carbs both before and after your workout.

Just remember when you’re choosing carbohydrates to stick with the complex rather than simple carbs. Simple carbs, from fruit and dairy products, aren’t the kind you need. You want the complex carbohydrates from whole grains, pasta, rice, and legumes, or beans. They are full of fiber and will burn slowly in your body’s furnace.

Mass Building Routines - External Aids

Your exercise routine must focus on the most efficient way to build mass. Dumbbells and barbells are indispensable for this purpose. But the way you use them for reps and sets will be different than the way they are used by people who are just “toning up.” People who want to build mass have to use so much weight that they are literally pushed to the edge of fatigue.

For each exercise, you should aim to do three sets, with 14 reps in the first set, 12 in the second, and 10 in the third. By the time you finish that third set, you should be at the utter limit of endurance.

Reaching that limit creates an excess of lactic acid in muscle cells, which you’ll know you’ve reached when your muscles burn. This process stimulates the production of new muscle cells, particularly the stronger, elongated type.

Mass Building Routines - The Importance of Recuperation

That leads us to the importance of rest. If you are a novice, begin with two workouts per week; eventually you can advance to four. But it’s important to rest muscles for 48 hours between workouts. If you train too often, or if you fail to give muscle groups adequate rest, then your body will draw on protein as fuel —thus destroying nitrogen surplus. You must also get sufficient hours of sleep every night, and make certain that your sleep is restful. If you don’t sleep well, try some relaxation techniques.

You can also add supplements to your daily nutritional intake, such as creatinine. Your body manufactures this amino acid naturally, but there are great products that will enhance neural response and muscular function. Creatinine also helps to produce something called ATP, adenosine triphosphate, which you need for short, high-energy bursts.

Besides creatinine, there are other supplements you’ll find useful as you progress. It’s difficult, after all, to make five meals for yourself throughout the day; many successful builders draw on a wide line of supplements to make life a little easier while maintaining the nutritional and biochemical balance you need.

Mass Building Routines - Dumbbells or Barbells

If you’re still debating whether to use dumbbells versus barbells, you should plan on using both. Change-ups keep your muscles guessing so you don’t hit plateaus in development.

It’s true that dumbbells are easier for beginners. The weight of a dumbbell forces your body to use more muscle groups to stabilize itself. You can also improve coordination, and you can use one-armed dumbbell routines to focus on specific areas of development. You can also use dumbbells to work muscle groups against each other, such as triceps and biceps work. Dumbbells can also give your shoulder joints a rest.

With barbells, you’re not coordinating groups of muscles to balance the weights. Instead, you’re forcing your body to reach that limit of endurance that we talked about as heavier loads create more resistance for your muscles. Barbells probably create the most mass. They beat dumbbells every time for building mass and definition in the legs.

Considering your choices of exercise equipment and supplements, as well as managing your nutritional balance and maintaining adequate rest, you are making a time-consuming commitment to an improved physique.

Mass Building Routines - Conclusions

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