Melatonin Supplements

The primary use of melatonin supplements is as a natural aid for better sleep. It's an over-the-counter product that is much less costly than prescription sleeping pills.

Aside from its insomnia-treatment uses, it is also a good antioxidant and stimulates the immune system and several components of the endocrine system - a benefit most are not even aware of.

Studies have shown that there are no side-effects of melatonin use although it is always a good idea to "cycle" it. This means, you use it up to 6 weeks and take 2 weeks off and then you can repeat the cycle.

Most supplement manufacturers may not tell you this since there have been no known long-term studies that have been conducted to reveal any potential long-term side effects.

However, in cases where people consistently take too high a dose (more than ~3mg/day) some unwanted effects may occur and include: headaches, nausea, next-day grogginess or irritability, hormone fluctuations, vivid dreams or nightmares and reduced blood flow. However, for the vast majority of people that stay within the 3mg range there are no problems.

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The most common forms in which you can buy Melatonin is in the form of pills or capsules. The more recent and creative forms are sprays (sprayed under your tongue) and creams (applied to your skin).

Overall, melatonin is a very safe and natural supplement that is a great solution for sleep problems. Furthermore, the antioxidant properties it has will further aid your feeling of well-being.

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