Muscle Anatomy

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Having a natural curiosity for muscle anatomy is inevitable if you are a fitness buff, bodybuilder or gym goer.

However, knowing more about different muscle groups and various muscles within such groups can benefit all.

The interactive chart below shows both front and back views of the human muscles and displays the terminology used in exercise routines.

Having even the most elementary knowledge of muscle anatomy will help you to “exercise smart”.

Learning more about muscular anatomy will help you understand the logic behind certain exercise movements and will help you execute said movements with more precision and efficiency. This, in turn, will help you achieve your desired fitness or bodybuilding goals faster and with less time wasted at the gym.

There is a reason fitness trainers at the gym emphasize proper form when performing exercises. The reason being is that if you are able to execute a given movement (exercise) with more accurate form, you are able to “hit” the targeted muscle in a way that will have maximum impact. Maximum impact equals muscle reaction which means optimal muscle growth.

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Click on above image to download full-size Anatomy Chart (Pdf file reader required).

Therefore, the essential point to reiterate is that exercising is not only about exercising hard and eating properly – it is also about being smart about how you exercise. Knowing a thing or two about human anatomy and understanding how all the muscle groups are intricately interwoven together will help you reduce wasteful movements when performing exercises and allow you to get the most out of your time invested at the gym.

When looking at the muscle anatomy chart, we would like to point out that you should focus on remembering the names of the muscles in bold letters because these are the names that are most commonly used in fitness and bodybuilding.

The small-typed names are more technical and are used in medical circles. If you know the Latin names - that is great, but remember not to use them when talking to someone at the gym because you will come across as trying to show off your knowledge of anatomy. It's just not standard "gym talk".

Scroll over the picture below to activate the interactive transparent anatomy displays with muscle names. If upon mouseover you cannot see any change then you most likely do not have the Adobe Flash Player (free) plugin installed on your computer.

Click here to view/download our OLD Anatomy Chart (Adobe .Pdf Reader Required).