Muscle Building Routine

Looking for the better muscle building routines?

The great thing about muscle building is that you can begin a program whether you’re young and skinny, mature and overweight, or past middle-aged and even a senior citizen.

You might be a physically active person who has never developed big muscles, or maybe you want to throw off your old, couch-potato habits. It’s never too early or late in life to start developing your body musculature.

There are workouts that suit every type of person. The best muscle building routines involve dumbbells and barbells. They are by definition known as resistance exercises, and when you do them you create tiny tears in the muscle tissue. As you recover, your body repairs them via rest and nutrition, so we’re going to look at these body recovery issues in a moment.

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Proven Methods

Dumbbells and barbells outshine all other fitness regimens if you want to engage in effective muscle building routines and really enlarge your muscles.

They force your muscles to contract in order to do the work of moving the weight you’re subjecting them to. Your trick is to find the routines that suit you.

Preparatory Steps

With our muscle building routine, first, and this is true of all fitness regiments, you warm up. If you’re at the gym, take a short walk on the treadmill, and go for some intervals to boost your heart rate.

At home, go for a sprint around the block. Add some stretching exercises, focusing on the areas you plan to exercise.

Pectoral, deltoid, and triceps stretches work if you’re going to be focusing on your arms and back. Lunges and body squats will loosen your legs. These warm-ups will decrease the chances of injury.

Once you finish your warm-up, go right to the weights, but your first set should be done at 100 pounds. Add 50 pounds to each set so that you gradually get to your goal weight while you gradually decrease the reps in each set. Say you want to press 250: You’ll do ten reps at 100, eight reps at 150, and six reps at 200. Then you’re ready to rock.

The Real Work

Dumbbells and barbells both have places in your muscle building routine. People argue over which is better, but you need them both.

With barbells, you will lift more weight because both of your hands are stabilizing the bar. Dumbbells allow you to concentrate on specific areas, and they call on adjacent muscles to lend their support.

So with barbells, you exercise fewer muscles at a time but with more resistance; with dumbbells you exercise more muscles at a time but with less resistance. Ultimately, you can design your program to use them the way they work best for you.

The Importance of Nutrition

Nutrition is just as important for a good muscle building routine. You need to take in enough calories to feed your muscles, and they have to be in the right proportions of proteins, carbs, and fats. If you want to build, eat 17-20 calories per pound of body fat. If you read your weight in kilograms, that’s 7-9 calories per kilogram.

Get 1 gram of protein for each pound of body weight—or .45 grams per kilogram. Choose poultry, lean beef, fish, and egg whites for your sources. But don’t forget supplements such as whey protein.

You can adjust your daily protein intake upward by 25% if you’re getting your daily calories and you’re not bulking up within six weeks.

Supplements can help you achieve the right balance of nutrients. And be certain to toss back a protein drink after your workout to help your muscles begin the rebuilding.

Carbohydrates serve one purpose: Energy. Carb supplements prior to your workout keep you going. They are converted into sugar—glycogen —and dispensed into your bloodstream. If you’re consuming too many, they’ll accumulate as fat.

Muscle Building Routine - Good Fat and Bad Fat

Fats, on the other hand, have nothing to do with sugars, but rather are the oils in foods that give us strong cells and muscle tissues. They protect your organs and give you strong skin.

The trans and saturated fats are bad; polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are good. But if you consume too many, your body converts them to sugar. You can learn a lot more about total fitness nutrition elsewhere in this website.

The Importance of Rest

Adequate rest is non-negotiable in your muscle building routine. You might exercise in the gym, but you don’t grow until you go home and go to sleep. This is when your body replenishes itself.

Hormones flow into your bloodstream. Amino acids creep out of proteins and do their work. Lactate and cortisol levels recede. You need your sleep all in one lump, beginning at about 10 or 11 p.m. and continuing through the morning. Forget short-sheeting your sleep allotment and making it up with catnaps; your body just won’t reconstitute the same way.


As you go on this journey using the better muscle building routines, evaluate yourself often and honestly.

Are you consuming the nutrients you need in the proper proportions? Can you say that you go for form over quantity with your workout routine? If you’re fooling yourself, you’ll develop girth, not quality muscle. The pound of feathers is big, soft, and inconsequential. The pound of lead is lean, mean, and solid.

Be honest, too, about positive progress. Don’t keep overworking muscles that have developed to the point or beyond what you envisioned. If your pectorals or biceps are bulging, then segue into a maintenance program with low weight and high reps; you can use the time to focus on another fitness goal. You never need to stop—fitness is for life!—but you can re-evaluate and refocus your efforts from time to time.

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