Which MUSCLE BUILDING SUPPLEMENTS should you include on your shopping list?

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Muscle Building Supplements - Your Supplement Checklist

By Marc David

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Few days ago a kid posted his supplement stack photos. He said spends about $400 a month on supplements! I spend under $80, and that's IF I am being experimental.

I'll refrain from talking about brand names because I think we all have our opinions on this topic. Thus, I'll just stick with the basics.

So let's start...

Muscle Building Supplements - Foundational Supplements:

  • Multi-vitamin
  • Essential Fatty Acids

A good multi-vitamin acts like an insurance policy. Variety in your diet is great and you should always strive for that, but not all of us get everything we need for optimal performance from food. Thus, it's a good idea to take a multi- vitamin.

An EFA complex will give you many benefits for fat burning and muscle building by increasing your metabolism and the health of your heart. Thus, this supplement is a must. Eating plenty of fish will ensure that you're getting Omega acids but again, an EFA supplement is an insurance policy and an essential foundational supplement.

Muscle Building Supplements - Performance/Muscle Building Supplements:

  • Whey protein
  • Creatine
Why isn't protein a foundational supplement? Because I believe that if you really wanted, you could get all your protein needs from whole food sources. You don't have to ingest protein in the form of a shake even after a workout. Of course, while you can argue that the body absorbs a protein shake better, it still doesn't make it a must-have supplement.

Creatine is proven in over 300 review articles to help athletes with muscle gain and improved performance.

Muscle Building Supplements - Optional Supplements:

  • Beta-Alanine - From my own research and experimentation, this is a fine fine supplement and most definately will not put a major dent-maker for your pocket. I stack this with BCAA supplements that have creatine in it.
  • Glutamine - is something that gets lots of attention but it's hard to find studies that show it's clear link in terms of benefits to bodybuilding. However, until more studies are published I may be a good idea to include it your list.
  • Casein - is a slow(er) digesting protein. Many bodybuilders are firm believers in mixing proteins (especially at night) when you want a more sustained release and slower digesting protein. Some whey protein supplements have protein combinations in them already. Also, other sources of protein such as dairy proteins (cottage cheese) have casein in them and make for and excellent nighttime snack.
  • Other proteins - like egg white protein are something optional if you find them necessary to complement your diet.

Muscle Building Supplements - Experimental Supplements:

  • BCAAs - Branch Chain Aminos are great especially as part of a pre-workout formula. I've had great personal success by using BCAA powder mixed with creatine. This is not for everybody but if you are looking for an extra advantage then BCAA supplements are a good way to go. There is a lot of valid research behind them BCCA's to suggest that they enhance performance.
  • Caffeine - is good for weight loss or to boost your metabolism. I don't experiment with it but I sure do like my morning coffee. Caffeine in coffee and green tea make good herbal weight loss products that are proven to be safe.

Remember, there are loads of supplements out there and the list is always growing. The ones a listed are really all you will need combined with your 5-6 meals a day.

If you stick with the foundational supplements only, you can still make great progress and spend under $50-60 a month on supplements.


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Marc dispels many "bodybuilding myths" and tells you what most people never realize about nutrition, and what the drug companies DON'T WANT YOU to know. Visit www.nobullbodybuilding.com for more info!

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