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Muscle Growth Stories - Build Muscle Fast by Spending Less Time at the Gym

By Jason Ferruggia, Men's Health Columnist & Head Training Advisor

All of the older gym veterans have their muscle growth stories from "back in the day".

Hence, I also would like to share my story from way back, so here it is.

I will never forget the first time a met "Big Joe".

I was 17 at the time, and I had just gotten my driver’s license.

Up until my 17th birthday, I had been doing my training at the crappy high school weight room and I was looking forward to the days until I would be able to drive myself to a proper gym.

Up to that point, I had been training for a couple of years and I was starting to get obsessed about finding out everything I could about building muscles. Of course, like most novice lifters I had been doing many things wrong, but I didn’t know any better at the time. I was confident that once I could join the "Main Street Gym", I would start to grow slabs of muscle in no time.

During my second week at the new gym, I saw Big Joe for the first time. I was halfway done with my workout when he came in.

He was truly a massive guy from neck to calves and had a thick goatee, sideburns and thick curly brown hair. Big Joe was about 6’4” tall and must have been very close to 300 pounds.

At the time, he was in his late 30’s and he walked with a slight hitch (later I find out that was from an old football injury) but he continued to squat and deadlift regularly.

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That day he was doing standing military presses and he was tossing around 275lbs like there was nothing at all on the bar.

I and several other guys couldn’t help but stare as Big Joe hoisted up the weights with ease.

After each set I did, I would walk over to the water fountain just so I could get a closer look at the most jacked guy I had ever seen in person.

Eventually, after some time and many instances of crossing paths around the gym, we would nod to each other. That was it.

All the older gym vets knew him and every few minutes or so I would hear one of them acknowledging Big Joe's presence.

"Hey, what’s up, Big Joe?"

"Big Joe, what’s happenin', my man?"

I moved to another section of the gym to finish the rest of my workout and I figured I'd see Big Joe again when I was done. But, I was wrong. When I finished my workout, I looked around and Big Joe was gone.

Two weeks had passed before I saw Big Joe again. He came in the door behind me one night and politely thanked me when I held the door. We both went about our business and we started working out. Big Joe was doing bent-over barbell rows that particular workout and managed to get up to 405lbs for a few sets of six to eight.

About halfway through my workout, I went back to the locker room to get straps out of my gym bag. When I returned Big Joe was gone again!

Over time, I started to see Big Joe at the gym more often and I began to notice a certain trend - he was in and out of the gym before most guys could get halfway done with their workout. But, he was much bigger and much stronger than everyone else at the gym, so I figured that there had to be something to what (and how) he was working out.

After a while I finally gathered the courage one day to approach Big Joe and ask about his short workouts. I really wanted to pick his brain for muscle growth stories to learn more about building muscle fast and I knew Big Joe was the perfect guy to ask for help.

"Uh, excuse me", I said.

"What’s up, big man?" Big Joe replied.

"I just want to ask you a few quick questions about training if you don't mind. I noticed that your workouts are shorter than anyone else’s at this gym, but you are bigger and stronger than everyone", I said.

"Finally caught on, huh, diesel? That’s the secret right there. Keep your workouts short and you'll never overtrain, you will recover faster, and you'll constantly make progress", Big Joe explained.

"Your testosterone levels peak about half hour into your workout and it's completely shot after 45 minutes. So, you should get in and get out in 45 minutes or less and you'll get huge in no time. That is one of the most important things I can teach you about building muscle fast".

After we were finished talking, I was transformed. The stuff Big Jow told me that day was definately one of the more surprising muscle growth stories for me at that time considering that I was working out so much and didn't really have a clear idea how to further my muscle gains and take my physique to another level.

Big Joe's advice has, over time, become one of my classic muscle growth stories that opened my eyes to an entirely new dimension of muscle building. From the very day Big Joe shared one of the most important muscle growth stories and revealed his secret, I kept my workouts short and have done so with all my clients since as well. The results have been nothing short of fantastic. There's no reason to spend too much of your time at the gym. When you get to the gym, hit it hard and get out!


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About the Author

Jason Ferruggia is a famous fitness expert renowned for his ability to help people build muscle as fast as humanly possible.

He is the head training advisor for Men’s Fitness Magazine where he also has his own monthly column dedicated to muscle building.

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