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Muscle Mass Workouts - Metabolic Blast

By Morris Mendez, Professional Competitive Bodybuilder
Author of Maximum Muscle Mass

This workout focuses on building muscle mass by concentrating the workout effort on three muscle groups.

This concentrated workout will blast your overall metabolism. The three muscle groups outlined below are the largest in the body and by blasting these areas you will force your body into growth.

Craig Titus says, "We train heavy to build muscle". The deadlift, bench press, and squat all force the body to new, higher levels of muscular development.

Muscle Mass Workouts - The Squat, when performed at maximum intensity will give your entire body a jolt that will cause amazing muscular growth.

The Legs - are the largest muscle mass on the body. By stimulating your legs to grow, your metabolism is challenged and stimulated to new levels. The main leg exercise is the squat. The squat is the widely known as the "king of all exercises" for the lower body. Some bodybuilders say that if they could only do one exercise it would be the squat. Kevin Levrone points out that "high poundages and flawless form work best for me. That means barbell squats - simple, intense, and heavy."

Alq Gurley says that squats are one of his favorite exercises for legs. He believes that if you are not as big as you want to be, then you should definitely do more squats.

Achim Albrecht says: "You can have mass without muscle and muscle without mass, but in order to have both to a greater extent than your competition's, you have to train harder, heavier and longer than any of them, and how is that possible unless you do squats?"

When you max out doing squats, not only do your legs grow to a greater extent than from any other exercise, but also the rest of your body appears to grow with them. This is my theory of the superiority of squats.

muscle mass workouts,

Squats take your mental focus, your legs and your entire body to an absolute limit.

Squats are the ultimate test of your mental and physical strength.

They are the first exercise in my workout, the foundation of that day's training and absolutely essential for my ultimate development.

Dave Fisher says: "Anyone with skinny thighs should devote lots of time and attention and most of the first few years of training to heavy power-style training on basic exercises.

Get a big squat and you'll get big thighs".

As you can see, the squat is crucial if want to build massive muscles. The "20-rep breathing squat" is famous for putting on muscle mass. This exercise is performed by doing exactly that - 20 repetitions with deep inhalation on the down movement and a couple of deep inhalations between repetitions.

This is an extremely hard exercise and will take you to your limits. If performed properly with just enough weight, one set will surely knock your socks off. It will also stimulate your muscles into growth.

Muscle Mass Workouts - Stiff-Leg Deadlifts are great for hitting the hamstrings. This exercise is performed like a deadlift except the legs are kept straight and the head is pulled up as well as the upper back. The barbell should only go down to about your midshin level. A higher repetition range with this movement is best.

Lee Labrada and Pete Miller (Mr. America) both give high praise to this exercise for working hamstrings.

Muscle Mass Workouts - The Back. The back is the second largest muscle group on the human body and the largest upper body muscle group. There are several good back exercises for building pure muscle mass. The one-arm T-bar row is perhaps the best. Although most people are familiar with the T-bar row, few have progressed to using the one-arm version of it.

The one-arm T-bar row is performed by simply pulling a barbell that is loaded on one end (and secured down on the other end) up to your side with one arm. You can brace your free hand on your knee. To make this exercise work make sure you let your back stretch all the way down and in on the downward stroke. Then, pull all the way up on for upper motion. This exercise is nothing but pure brute strength - man against heavy iron.

Use a moderately high-repetition range for best results (10 to 12 repetitions).

Muscle Mass Workouts - The Chinup is a width movement and is the best for giving the upper back size. The chinup should be performed for several sets (4 or 5) of as many repetitions as possible.

Muscle Mass Workouts - The Deadlift is a tough and brutally nasty exercise but it's also considered one of the very best for size-building. If you look through any muscle magazine you will notice quite often that the big bodybuilders are doing a lot of deadlifts.

Deadlifts stimulate the body to develop increased size and density. The deadlift is an effective metabolic booster. Tony Pearson says: "While doing deadlifts, you might just think you are working the back, but you're working the entire body." The strength and conditioning coach at John Hopkins University, Bill Starr, states: "Deadlifts, when done properly, are among the most beneficial of all exercises for bodybuilders because they work so many large muscles of the body - back, quads, hamstrings, glutes and shoulder girdle. No other exercise can build such mass and depth in your back".

Other fitness writers and experts echo that belief. For instance, Dave Maurice and Rich Rydin point out: "The deadlift is the most valuable exercise for overall back development. The erectors and the trapezius are worked the hardest, but even the lats are stressed". This exercise works best if you use a repetition range around 5 to 8 per set for 2 or 3 sets.

Muscle Mass Workouts - The Clean and Jerk is an exercise that works several muscle groups in addition to the back. It is also a great metabolic booster. The strength and energy that it builds really benefits those looking to pack on some mass. A 6 to 8 repetition range works best for the clean and jerk.

Muscle Mass Workouts - The Chest. The back muscles are the biggest muscle group of the upper body, but they only cover the back side. The chest muscles are the biggest group in the front. Chest muscles are best worked with the "king of all other exercises" - the bench press.

Of course, the bench press works many other muscle groups and not just the chest. The bench press is heavy work though. Doing 3 to 4 heavy sets of 5 to 8 repetitions will get your chest bigger in no time. The other exercise that perfectly complements the bench press is the dumbell fly.

Muscle Mass Workouts - The Dumbell Flye is the only dumbell exercise to qualify for inclusion in the "metabolic blast" routine because, generally spaeking, barbells are better for building mass. However, this specialized exercise puts focus on chest muscles in such a manner as to stimulate strong and considerable size gains.

You performed it on a flat bench while slowly lowering the dumbells out and down from above chin level. Go as far down as possible with a slight bend in your elbows. Some have described this motion similar to hugging a big tree. Perform the dumbell fly for 3 or 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions.

Muscle Mass Workouts - Metabolic Blast Workout

This program works best if it's divided into specific parts. You can modify or move some of the exercises around, but try to keep the suggested guidelines intact if possible.

---Muscle Mass Workouts - METABOLIC BLAST ROUTINE PART A---

Bench presses
3 to 4
5 to 8
Dumbell flyes
3 to 4
10 to 12
Stiff-leg deadlifts
2 to 3
10 to 15

---Muscle Mass Workouts - METABOLIC BLAST ROUTINE PART B---

4 to 5
to failure
2 to 3
5 to 8
One-arm T-bar rows
2 to 3
10 to 12
Clean and jerks
6 to 8

Push yourself to the absolute limit with each exercise sessions. Make sure you give yourself 2 to 4 days rest between workouts, depending upon how well you recover between the two routines.

These routines are not designed to be fancy. They simply focus on the basics. Focusing on basics is the key to massive muscle growth. Also don't forget to eat well (nutritionally sound, of course).

Use this mass-building routine for 4 months straight. Stretch often, before, during and after your workouts. This will give both your upper and lower body a good relaxing stretch.


muscle mass workouts,

muscle mass workouts,

About the Author

Morris Mendez is the author of a revolutionary new training protocol called Maximum Muscle Mass.

He shares the secrets that took him to professional level as a natural drug free bodybuilder.

What he shares with you will turn the muscle building tables in your favor. Get more muscle mass workouts and learn more about the Maximum Muscle Mass Program.

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