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Right now it is hard to beat Muscletech protein when it comes to cutting-edge technologically-advanced protein formulas that are forging the way ahead to the future of next generation protein supplements. Serious weightlifters and pro-bodybuilders all rely on Muscletech's products to get the best results possible.

Muscletech is a company that has established itself as a market leader and has managed to win over hardcore bodybuilders with quality and product innovation. Jay Cutler (Mr. Olympia Champion) has signed on with Muscletech as their promotional figure. Thus, this attests to something!

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The protein formulas made by Muscletech are next-level proteins that outperform competitors and they have a unique way of maximizing protein synthesis, enhancing mass and strength, improving nitrogen retention, delivering nitric oxide and minimizing insulin sensitivity.

On the down side, it is one of the more expensive protein powders on the market so for some people it might be cost-prohibitive!

Here at we buy Muscletech regularly and use it for either pre or post-workout shakes. It tastes great and there is no other protein on the market right now that gives your body such superior protein synthesis and delivery properties. We highly recommend it.

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