Natural Bodybuilding Routines

What are natural bodybuilding routines?

Let’s talk about the definition of “natural” fitness achievement. What does that mean to you? Many men and women working toward specific fitness goals understand that “natural” means free of steroids.

You can intake protein supplements, weight gainers, vitamins, fat burners, and other products, and still be doing this naturally. Others associate supplements with harmful steroids.

Are you hesitant about trying these supplements? The past fifty years have seen so much progress in their development. They are free of anabolic steroids, and they have been engineered to keep us healthy and increase our longevity.

Remaining steroid free promotes good health —and so does realistic ingestion of beneficial supplements.

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Natural Bodybuilding Routines - An Effective Add-On

Natural supplements are a good idea whether you decide to become a competitive bodybuilder, or if you just want to work toward optimal tone and muscle definition.

First, you need to become comfortable with the idea of natural supplements.

People use natural supplements for all kinds of purposes: People take garlic to reduce high blood pressure. Many women use black cohosh to treat symptoms of menopause. St. John’s Wort is a well known natural antidepressant. Some insomniacs swear by melatonin supplements.

Couples decide on natural enhancement products to use in the bedroom. Not all of these supplements have the same level of safety; for example, cortisone use on injured athletes can be fraught with dangers.

But all supplements get a bad rap when there is a news story about a professional athlete using steroids. Even though natural supplements have nothing to do with steroids, people lump them all together. We do not advocate the use of anabolic steroid products. We do, however, want you to make educated decisions about natural supplements.

Natural Bodybuilding Routines - Where to Begin

You can begin by evaluating your genetic potential for physical development. Realistically, you must determine —based on consultation with a trainer or even by talking to your doctor— how to set goals based on your own characteristics. Things like your natural build, your physical health, and your ability to recover from workouts factor into this. You also need to include the amount of time you can make available and your level of dedication.

We encourage you to explore information about many products formulated carefully for those devoted to fitness. Some of them will boost your workout performance levels, not because they stimulate you artificially but because they help your muscles function better during workouts.

We will also help you learn about natural products that will increase your daily calorie consumption by twenty percent, the amount you need if you want to build muscle. Some of these supplements make it easier to ensure that the right proportions of your daily calories come from carbs, fats, and proteins. They can make it easier to figure out how to allocate these calories into your five daily meals.

Natural Bodybuilding Routines - Supplements

There are protein and carb supplements that enrich your meals without empty calories. Plus, they provide these nutrients from the right sources—for example, soy products are best for vegetarians.

The average person needs about .45 gram of protein per pound of body weight—so if you weigh 180 pounds you need 81 grams. But your need increases to 1 gram per pound of weight when you’re working out. This allows you to achieve positive nitrogen balance for optimal tissue building.

One of the most widely used supplements used for fitness training is creatine monohydrate. Creatine is produced naturally in the body. It stimulates production of a hormone called adenosine triphosphate, which boosts energy and strength levels in muscle tissue. You can get about 1 gram of creatine in a pound of red beef, and the average body wants about 2 grams per day.

But when you’re weight lifting, you need large amounts of creatine to maximize your workouts. Serious bodybuilders take 16-20 grams per day in supplements. Your own use will depend on your workouts. Since creatine is a natural biochemical, there is no toxicity. The only negative side effect is the possibility of water retention, but this rarely affects weight lifters because you sweat it off.

Essential fatty acid (EFA) supplements provide the fats our body needs for a variety of purposes. Supplements with the necessary Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids maintain muscle tissue by strengthening cell and organ membranes. There are also studies that show them to be useful in fighting depression—a much more natural choice than an antidepressant medication.

Natural Bodybuilding Routines - Conclusions

We hope this provides you with a realistic look into the world of beneficial natural supplementation.

Please explore our content pages for other information on supplements so that you become knowledgeable about their place in your workout regimen.

You can sign up for our newsletter for more information that will come available in the future. Natural bodybuilding is something you can commit to for a lifetime!

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