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Natural Muscle Growth: 4 Fatal Myths

Pursuing natural muscle gain is a big commitment.

Therefore, be selective as to whose advice you take.

Health, fitness and body-building are multi-billion dollar industries and it's not surprising that new websites covering the topic crop-up almost every day.

Of course, everyone is trying to make money which means there are far too many non-credible "experts”" trying to sell you anything from natural muscle growth pills to miracle programs.

If you are not careful you will negate all your hard work and gains by falling for certain muscle building pitfalls.

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To achieve natural muscle growth, be sure to understand these 4 bodybuilding myths.

Myth #1: To create muscle, you have to get a "pump" during your workout. In order to maximize your muscle building capacity you have to try to achieve the greatest possible pump.

If you're a novice, a "pump" is what happens when blood gets trapped in muscle tissues during your workout. You feel bigger, tighter, stronger and more powerful because your muscles swell up.

Although a pump feels great, it doesn’t do much in helping your muscles get bigger in size.

The pump sensation can trick you into thinking you’ve had a killer workout, but the truth is that you only increased blood going to the muscle tissue. Measuring your progress (did you lift slightly more weight than your previous workout?) is the definitive way to find out whether you had a successful workout or not.

Myth #2: If you get big, you will become slower and lose flexibility.

When you grow lean muscle mass, you actually become faster instead of slower.

Every move we make is governed by our muscles. Ultimately, a stronger muscle can apply greater force and thereby be faster.

If you have big muscular legs, you will be able to move faster. The same theory applies to increased shoulder strength — if you have stronger shoulders, you can throw a ball farther.

Myth #3: Your form should be absolutely perfect!

You should always try to perform exercises with good form. BUT, if that’s all you’re thinking of you won't get very far. You don’t need to perform every exercise using flawless, textbook form because this will also increase your injury odds and decrease the full amount of muscle stimulation.

Natural movements are important during exercises. For example, when doing bicep curls you can add a slight sway to your back or try to use some body momentum if you are working on barbell rows.

Myth #4: "Feeling the burn is a strong indicator that muscles are getting bigger".

This is absolutely false. The "burning" sensation is nothing more than the lactic acid (a type of metabolic waste) secreting into your muscle tissue when you workout and causing the muscle failure.

Having higher lactic acid levels actually slows down your msucle gains instead of speeding them up. It has nothing to do with natural muscle growth. Limit your training at a set of lower repetition ranges in the 5 to 7 range instead of the more common range of 12 and over. This will slow down your lactic acid production.


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