Neck Shoulder Arm Pain

Neck Shoulder Arm Pain - Pain in Your Shoulder? Discover the Best Solution Now

By Joe Brent, Shoulder Pain Specialist
Author of Shoulder Pain No More

Shoulder pain can ruin your life. I know the feeling because I suffered from a shoulder injury and was out of action for many weeks before I managed to get rid of the pain.

I hurt my shoulder while working out at the gym, and I ended up with an extremely sharp, stinging pain in the front of my shoulder and dull pain in the rear. For many weeks I couldn't do any of the things that we normally do during the day - carry shopping or grocery bags, wear a backpack, reach for high shelves. Even shaking hands was difficult and painful!

neck shoulder arm pain,

Through much research, I discovered that the best solution for neck shoulder arm pain is physiotherapy. However, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars an hour on a professional physiotherapist - you can just as easily do it yourself at home.

This is what I did for my shoulder pain. I spent a few minutes every day doing specific sets of stretches and exercises and I felt better almost instantly.

  • Stretches - to loosen your shoulder, restore flexibility and range of motion and relieve the pain
  • Exercises - to promote healing, restore and strengthen damaged tissue and relieve pain

It's really as easy as that to treat and relieve pain in the shoulder. Sports professionals and athletes have used physiotherapy for decades, as have most medical professionals. The vast majority of shoulder injuries can be quickly resolved at home within a few weeks through basic rehabilitation methods, as described above.

The best thing is that it works no matter how old you are. The methods can be used for most injuries and types of pain, and even for long-term "chronic" shoulder pain.

The alternative to physio is popping painkiller pills for the rest of your life (which can be addictive), expensive and potentially risky surgery, or just putting up with the pain. None of those options are good, which is precisely why home physiotherapy really is the best solution for neck shoulder arm pain.

That's exactly how I got rid of my shoulder pain. After, I wrote a book about my experiences and documented everything I learned about the unique stretches and exercises I had uncovered during my extensive research.

For more information or to get that book and use the same techniques to quickly resolve your shoulder pain visit the site below. It's easy!


neck shoulder arm pain,

About the Author

Joe Brent is a recognized shoulder pain expert and has helped many men and women cure shoulder pain by developing a unique shoulder pain relief program that represents a culmination of hundreds of hours of research and the expertise of dozens of medical and sports professionals.

Joe Brent's program explains the anatomy of the shoulder, the mechanisms of possible injury and the rationale for choosing specific treatments and exercises. His readers are provided with a detailed manual to direct their particular recovery program in the comfort of their own homes.

For more information on how he can help you with shoulder pain relief visit

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