Need to lose weight

I'm a 34C-26-49 and 'til this day I find it hard to believe that I'm a H-49 since to me they seem average. I love the way I look, especially since I think my hips make me look very attractive however I've gained too much weight this Summer. I used to be 121 but I've shot up to 129 and I actually believe that now I might weigh like 132lbs or so.

I know this is way too much weight for me since I'm only 5'3 1/2 (Might as well be 5'4). I desperately need to drop down to 118lbs but it seems so hard but hopefully by loosing weight my bust size will go down.

Honestly, since I've been into K-pop seeing my body compared to the women makes me feel... obese and that's my reason for wanting to drop down a bit.

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