NOW Whey Protein

NOW whey protein is not the top-of-the-line when it comes to cutting-edge technological advancements in whey protein formulas but it does offer excellent value for money spent.

NOW is a company that has been around for a while and is consistent in maintaning its image of a traditional company dedicated to providing quality supplements at great prices. That has been their market positioning for a long time and by the looks of it they are not about to change.

If you look at NOW products and compare them to other brands you will realize that even their packaging looks more simple and without flashy graphics. This is in line with the image they want to portray - a solid, reliable and stable brand that you can always count on being there.

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I personally use a lot of NOW supplements but they are mostly products such as: ZMA, multivitamins, flax seed oil (as an ingredient for protein smoothies), Omega-3 fish oils etc.

When it comes to protein, I like to get something that is known as the leader in the industry and Muscletech protein is just that. However, the flip side of Muscletech whey proteins is that they are usually the most expensive. However, the way I look at it is - I want only the best for my body when considering which whey protein to buy.

NOW whey is a good alternative choice that I would suggest for use when you are taking protein shakes on your non-workout days. Muscletech's whey protein is what I suggest taking for your pre and post-workout shakes on workout days because of its advanced and superior oxygen delivery properties (which give you a better "pump") and its ability to aid in optimum recovery.

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