Omega 3 Side Effects

Omega 3 side effects are rare and if they occur they do so in people with specific pre-existing health and cardiac problems.

The health benefits of Omega 3 far outweigh any potential side effects.

Nevertheless, below is the list of possible side effects.

The United States Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling and Dietary Supplements noted that known or suspected risks of EPA and DHA Omega−3 fatty acids may include the possibility of:

  • Increased bleeding if overused (over 3 grams per day)by a patient who is also taking aspirin or warfarin. However, this finding is disputed.
  • Hemorrhagic stroke (only in case of very large doses).
  • Reduced glycemic control among diabetics.
  • Cardiac risk - persons with congestive heart failure, chronic recurrent angina pectoris or evidence that their heart is receiving insufficient blood flow are advised to talk to their doctor before taking Omega−3 fatty acids. There have been concerns if such persons take Omega−3 fatty acids or eating foods that contain them in substantial amounts.

    For people with congestive heart failure, the heart is barely pumping blood well enough to keep them alive. In these patients, Omega−3 fatty acids may eliminate enough of these few pumping cells that the heart would no longer be able to pump sufficient blood to sustain life functions, causing an increased risk of cardiac death.

Thus, as you can see Omega-3 fatty acids are safe and beneficial for most people. Only those with pre-existing heart conditions need to be aware and concerned of the side effects of Omega-3.

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