Pilates Single Leg Lift

Alternate Name: Single-Leg Leg Lift, Bent-Knee Leg Lift
STEP 1Lay down on the floor and bend your legs with your feet flat on the ground.
STEP 2Raise one leg off the ground keeping it in a bent position. Raise it until your thighs are a little bit past a fully vertical (90 degree) position.
STEP 3Lower leg all the way down as close as you can to the floor without actually touching it.
STEP 4Repeat movement for the desired number of repetitions.
STEP 5Rest a few seconds and perform same movement with the other leg.
Special Notes
This exercise is great for your lower abs. If you want to increase the level of diffuculty, simply straighten your leg more and this will add more resistance making the exercise more challenging to perform.

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