Plank Exercises - Single Leg Plank Hold

Alternate Name: Single Leg Plank - Pike Pose
STEP 1Begin by getting into a straight plank position with your forearms and feet (on your toes) on the floor.
STEP 2Once your form the plank, raise one foot off the ground and hold in this position for the desired amount of time.
STEP 3Return your raised leg back down and repeat with the other leg.
Special Notes
Make sure you put a foam pad under your forearms and elbows. A folded yoga mat will do also. With this pose, you might have some problems with your balance at first. This is normal, so try to find the best positioning for your feet in terms of width. Therefore, if you are stuggling with the balance, just spread your feet shoulder-width apart. This should do the trick and keep you in balance once you raise one leg.

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