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It's not easy to find a printable workout routine that is carefully designed, effective and easily downloadable.

But, we have lots of fitness, bodybuilding, strength training, fat burning and other types of workouts that are precisely ALL THAT and more.

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Every plan is on ONE sheet of paper that's easy to download and even easier to print out.

Thus, go old school and print them out or you can upload them to your favorite mobile phone or device. They look good printed out and even better on a tablet or iPad.

Don't forget to check out our massive exercise database with over 500 exercises in all muscle groups. They are 3D animations that not only show you how to execute a given exercise but also have explanations on how to best perform the exercise movement. This is a valuable resource that was developed specially for this website so that you can make use of it!

Our workout are unique meaning that no two workouts are the same. Each workout was carefully crafted (and "tested" at the gym).

printable workout routine,

printable workout routine,

Workouts are done in the professional standard PDF format. Thus, you will need some version of Adobe Reader on your computer. If you don't have it already, simply go to the Adobe site (adobe.com) and download it for free.

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