proper deadlift form,

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Proper Deadlift Form - Building the Perfect Deadlift

By Jim Smith, CSCS, Men's Fitness Magazine Columnist & Contributing Writer
Author of Accelerated Muscular Development System

How to Build the Deadlift Properly:

1. Good Form – First of all, you have to deadlift with good form.

If you don't have your form down and if it's off, it will lead to missing the lift right off the floor.

Form Check

  • Shins on the bar – Make sure you're as close to the bar as possible.

    This will shorten the distance between your center of gravity and the center of gravity of the bar.

    This is the most optimal and advantageous leverage position and it's essential for a proper deadlift form.

  • Big Air – You have to capture a big breath of air to increase your intra-abdominal pressure.

  • proper deadlift form,

  • Force Your Abdominals Out – This coupled with a big breath of air will give you a natural (weight) belt and ensure that your lower back and abs are braced and strong. Of course, this is further enhanced when you actually wear a belt because you’ll be bracing your abs against a rigid surface.
  • Don't Jerk the Weight Up From the Floor – Instead, push the floor away from you after you develop a sufficiant level of full body tension.
  • Keep the Bar Against Your Body for the Entire Lift – Once again this maximizes your leverage.
  • Lockout With a Powerful Contraction of Your Glutes – Don't hyperextend your lower back, lock your hips out by forcibly contracting your glutes.

2. Are You Weak? – Develop not only your posterior chain, but your core strength, upper back muscles and a strong grip as well. Proper deadlift form depends on brute strength as much as form.

  • Develop Posterior Chain – Stiff-Leg Deadlifts, Reverse Hypers, Partial Range Rack Lockouts, Beyond the Range (stand on plates or blocks).
  • Develop Core – Do compound movements, L-sitting pull-ups, medicine ball exercises, abs roller. The posterior chain exercises in part 1 develop the antagonist (opposite to the abdominals) side of your "core".
  • Develop Your Upper Back Muscles – pull ups, face pulls, seated (machine) rows, bent over barbell rows.
  • Develop Grip Strength – thick bar holds, rack holds, plate pinches.
3. You’re Not Psyching Yourself Up Enough! - To pull heavy weight you have to be fully prepared mentally. As you approach the bar, psych yourself up and be ready to go!


proper deadlift form,

About the Author

Jim Smith is a men's fitness expert and performance enhancement specialist. He writes for Men's Health Magazine on a regular basis and is the author of the highly popular Accelerated Muscular Development System.

His AMD system is NOT your typical training system. AMD is a complete muscle building system that provides a step-by-step template for you to MAKE INCREDIBLE GAINS.

His program also includes a core strengthening program -Combat Core, a Deadlift Manual and a posture improvement and back pain relief program -Accelerated Corrective Strategies.

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