Rehab Shoulder Injury

Rehab Shoulder Injury - The Best Way to Cure Shoulder Pain

By Joe Brent, Shoulder Pain Specialist
Author of Shoulder Pain No More

The shoulder is the most complex joint in the entire body. Because of this it's naturally susceptible to injury from time to time. In this case injury means shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain is horible because we use our shoulders to perform so many tasks without even realising it. A while ago I injured my shoulder and almost immediately began suffering from excruciating and persistent shoulder pain. I tried asking friends for advice, fitness trainers and I tried visiting the doctor, but all everyone said was: "rest".

rehab shoulder injury,

Of course, just rest didn't help. I decided it was unacceptable to live with my shoulder pain and I did a ton of research, on the internet, in libraries, talked to doctors, physical therapists, athletes, professional trainers and anyone else who knew anything about shoulder injuries.

All of them listed one thing as their top (and best) tip for treating shoulder pain.

That thing is: physiotherapy. Unfortunately, a professional physiotherapist will charge around $100 or more per hour for treatment, but in truth you can actually learn a lot of these techniques and do them by yourself in the comfort of your own home.

This is exactly what I did, and I want to share some of these tips with you:

  • Stretch your shoulder regularly. Basic stretches will help loosen your shoulder joint, prevent it from getting stiff, calm swelling, improve mobility and flexibility, and ultimately - relieve your shoulder pain.
  • Exercise your shoulder to strengthen and repair damaged muscle tissue and tendons in the joint. This will reduce and eliminate shoulder pain because once the injury heals, there's no more damage; if there is no more damage there's no more source for the pain to come from. Thus, no injury = no symptoms = no pain.
The second top tip was using ice packs on your shoulder. This has two effects - first it cools the shoulder and numbs pain, without using any drugs. Second, it reduces swelling, which reduces pain and helps your body to do it's job of healing and repairing damage.

I used both of these techniques with great success, and my shoulder is back at a 100% again and doesn't hurt even one bit.

I wrote a book on how to rehab shoulder injury and documented everything I learned about treating shoulder pain with the special stretches and exercises uncovered during my extensive research. If you want to get that book simply visit my website below.


rehab shoulder injury,

About the Author

Joe Brent is a sought after shoulder pain specialist and expert who has helped many men and women cure their shoulder pain with his unique shoulder pain relief program that is a culmination of hundreds of hours of research and the expertise of dozens of medical and sports professionals.

Joe Brent's program explains the anatomy of the shoulder, the mechanisms of possible injury and the rationale behind choosing specific treatments and exercises. His readers are provided with a detailed manual on how to rehab shoulder injury in the comfort of their own homes.

For more information on how he can help you with shoulder pain relief visit

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