Shoulder Rehab Exercises

Shoulder Rehab Exercises - How to Beat Shoulder Pain in 2 Easy Steps

By Joe Brent, Shoulder Pain Specialist
Author of Shoulder Pain No More

Shoulder pain is a terrible and debilitating condition. Sometimes the pain is minor, but sometimes the pain can be absolutely unbearable. It may keep you up at night and stop you from getting a full night's rest. I used to suffer from shoulder pain, after I tore my rotator cuff working out in the gym. I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but something went wrong and I heard a "pop" while I was lifting.

My shoulder began to hurt more and more after that. At first, the pain started off as a slight pain, but got worse and worse. The pain was like a stinging sensation, but there was also a dull ache "inside" my shoulder. I tried to simply rest for a few weeks, but that didn't make much of a difference. I couldn't get comfortable whenever I sat down, sleeping was extrmely difficult, I couldn't use my arm to lift or reach for anything.

shoulder rehab exercises,

Thus, I went to see a doctor and he diagnosed me as having a minor shoulder strain. His method of shoulder rehab exercises was to prescribe anti-inflammatory medication which works well for very minor injuries that don't require any active treatment.

Usually you simply rest while your body does the hard work and "fixes" the shoulder pain.

However, while that works in some cases (which is exactly why most doctors prescribe that), there are a huge number of cases where that type of treatment is simply not good enough.

Instead, you need to take a more active approach to treating your shoulder pain in terms of doing some form of shoulder rehab exercises. The best way to do that is through rehabilitation and physiotherapy. You can do stretches and exercises at home to relieve the pain and strengthen your joint in order to stop the shoulder pain.

I spent ages researching these specific stretches and exercises, compiled my own rehab program and put it into practice. In a matter of a few weeks, my shoulder pain was gone and I was back to normal. Shoulder pain exercises are easy to do and, best of all, don't require any special equipment. They are a fantastic way of solving your pain in no time.

I wrote a book about my experiences and documented everything I learned about treating shoulder pain with the special stretches and exercises I had uncovered during my extensive research. To get that book and use the same techniques to solve your shoulder pain simply visit my website below.


shoulder rehab exercises,

About the Author

Joe Brent is a highly sought after shoulder pain expert and has helped many people cure their shoulder pain with his unique shoulder pain relief program that is a culmination of hundreds of hours of research and the expertise of dozens of medical and sports professionals.

Joe Brent's program explains the anatomy of the shoulder, the mechanisms of possible injury and the rationale for choosing specific treatments and exercises. His readers are provided with a detailed manual to direct their particular recovery program in the comfort of their own homes.

For more information on how he can help you with shoulder pain relief visit

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