Stop With This "Ideal" Body Shape

by Chelsea
(Norfolk, VA, USA )

I am 22 years old and currently trying to get thinner in my waist. I am 5'10 with the measurements 37-30-42. It's a weird shape and I'm a little self-conscious especially when I hear that "ideal" shape is 34-24-34.

I have a large frame (not just saying this because I have bigger measurements, there is a calculation you can do to determine your frame size and mine said I had a large frame). The one thing I am proud of is my butt. So this "34 inch" booty thing is just not going to work for me. A lot of people don't think I look fat or anything, since it's all about how proportionate you look.

A 5'2 small framed girl with those measurements is going to look a lot different than a 5'10 large framed girl with those measurements. While ideally I would like to lose fat around my stomach and waist, I am not too hung up about being what society deems "ideal". No one is "ideal".

We all have flaws and we all are unique. Stop basing who you are off of a made up "ideal" that was probably created by men who know little of women's bodies.

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