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Super Supplements - Best of the Best

There is a sea of supplements on the market today. Manufacturers all hype their products to the point where they spend more money on advertising than they do on research and development.

Some are market followers and other market leaders that are forging the way to the next generation of supplements that enhance our performance and results naturally. These supplements are the ones that we can in essence consider superior - super supplements!

Navigating this vast sea can give a novice person a headache. Hence, we have put together a list of supplements that we at (and many others) agree are in some way special and separate themselves from the rest.

This list is based on our combined experience in the fitness and bodybuidling industry and we beleive it's a usefull guide that will save you years of trying to experiment with different supplements before you "stumble upon" the best ones.

The list is divided into categories for simplification:

Super Supplements - Best Protein

Right now there are 2 brands that are just too good for the competition to even come close.

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1. Muscletech Protein - This company is several years ahead of their competitors. They are essentially producing the next generation of super supplements and their whey protein has maximum absorbtion, superior nitrix delivery system, nitrogen balancing properties and a host of other characteristics that make their product simply better than the rest.

Their investment in research and development has paid-off manyfold. They are more expensive than the rest but if you factor in the product superiority element than the pricing becomes more valid.

2. EAS's Myoplex protein powder packs and ready-made drinks. This stuff is great. It has many added vitamins and minerals in addition to the quality protein and has a rich taste that is definately one of the best tasting protein powders on the market today.

The inovative aspect of what EAS has done deserves credit as well. Coming up with packets and ready made drinks doesn't seem like an earth-shattering idea becasue we remember the "old" days when MET-Rx made (and still does to some extent) packets but are all but extinct in the market today. The problem with Met-Rx was that it didn't really taste all that great and there was not much flavor variety.

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What EAS has done is prove that "listening to the market" is a good starting point when trying to decide which direction to take the company in. Thus, they have made protein more fun and enjoyable to drink.

They have a great selection of flavours and they package their packets into boxes of 20 and 40 packets per box.

At the same time they mix the flavors within certain boxes so you will get for example 5 packets of chocolate, 5 strawberries, 5 orange-jubilee packs and 5 chocolate mint packs. You get the point - very creative and inventive!

Super Supplements - Best Vitamins

1. Animal Pack by Universal Nutrition. We shouldn't even be classifying this as a multi-vitamin because it is simply untouchable compared to any other vitamins out there and deserves a category of its own. Any serious bodybuildier or athlete will swear by this product.

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It's a compilation of carefully-dosed vitamins, amino acid blends, performance optimizers, EFA complexes (essential fatty acids) and digestive enzymes. In other words, everything your body will ever need all in one place. There is no product out there that provides this.

Animal Pack comes in containers with either 44 or 88 packs and each pack wil have 8 to 12 pills inside (depending which type of animal pack you get).

One packet is good for one day. I know that swallowing up to 12 pills may seem a bit much but considering that you are getting absolutely everything that your body will need in that one pack you will be more than happy to get used to the quantity. This is one of the top rated super supplements - period!

2. ZMA - Zinc, Magnesium and vitamin B-6. Sounds simple enough right? True, yet this is also another simple and very inexpensive super supplement that most beginners never even dream of taking but experienced guys will know how relevant it is for maintaining high testosterone levels and regular (quality) sleep.

ZMA is best taken before bedtime - usuall dose is 3 capsules. In terms of the brand name or manufacturer you select when buying ZMA, always go for the cheapest one. ZMA is ZMA and no sense in paying a premium price for it just becasue it carries the name of the top manufacturer on the bottle.

We usually buy NOW ZMA which is a reputable brand name that is famous for their low prices. Best is to buy large economy-sized packs with at least 180 capsules because the dose is 3 caps per day which means if you buy a 90 cap bottle you will go through it within one month.

Also, bare in mind that you can take ZMA year-round since it is a natural and safe product witht no side-effects at all. However, it is recommended that you cycle it by taking it for up to 6 weeks then taking 1 to 2 weeks off before you repeat the cycle again.

Supper Supplements - Best Performance Optimizers

1. Glutamine powder. Glutamine is a powder substance that we use to mix with protein shakes and helps prevent catabolism. In other words, it ensures that our body doesn't break down muscle tissue to "feed" itself and rebuild.

Our body always searches for the most readily-available source of protein and glutamine aids in helping the body use the protein we ingest as part of our nutrition regimen (food, protein shakes) rather than break down muscle tissue.

Most protein manufacturers will include glutamine as part of the formula but the amounts are not sufficient. The regular dose is about 10gr per day at least. You simply add it when you are making protein smoothies.

I know some guys that mix in glutamine with a glass of water or orange juice and drink it during the day (on their exercise days). As for which brand name to buy, the same applies as for ZMA. Go for whichever is the least expensive.

Glutamine powder is almost identical from manufacturer to manufacturer and there is no reason to pay a premium on it because a big brand name is on the label. You can buy it either as a powder or in capsules. We suggest getting the powder form because you can easily mix it with your protein shakes.

2. Volumizers - there are a lot of different cell volumizers but we believe that BSN's Nitrix volumizer is above the rest. Volumizers basically supply extra amounts of oxygen to your blood to help you get a better pump and get energized in the process.

Think of them as a turbo charger for your system. By increasing (NO) levels you increase blood flow which in turn delivers more nutrients to muscles, helping your muscles become larger.

Nitric oxide helps to reduce inflammation associated with subjecting muscles to stress such as lifting heavy weights. It affects the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, as well as the release of adrenaline, allowing you to get more out of your workouts. Once you begin taking nitric oxide you will notice the beginning stages of more effective and stronger workouts.

Volumizers don't need to be used year-round, they are best used during more intense workouts periods when you need the extra "help" to achieve the best possible results. Once you start using them you will understand why they are on the list of super supplements!

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