Teen Workouts

Looking for effective teen workouts?

It’s time to ask yourself if you are truly physically fit. And be honest: No one but you knows how you will answer this question.

The important thing is that you’re reading about how to get fit or how to stay fit.

What motivates you to be fit?

The opposite sex, of course! You want to look good for whoever rocks your world. You want to walk into a store, pick out the coolest styles, and know they’ll fit you well. Or maybe you long to have those washboard abs and the defined musculature that mark a bodybuilder.

Whatever your goals, we have workout plans that will help you reach them! If you are serious about getting results, check out our workout plans!

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Teen Workouts - More Reasons to Stay Fit

There are other reasons to stay fit, of course. Your future, for one thing, depends on it —if you don’t get into shape now, it won’t be easier to do it in ten years.


And developing an exercise program can help you play well in gym at school, but it means much more than that.

It also means moving through the hallways—wherever you go—with good posture and loads of confidence, and it means being able to run fast when you need to!

Teen Workouts - The Mainstream Currents

Activity among teenagers has decreased woefully over the past several decades. The average teen spends around six hours each day immersed in media, which includes your television, your iPod or MP4, gaming, chatting online, and text messaging.

Studies show that teens today are 64% less able to do a push-up than the teens of fifteen years ago. Can you do a push-up?

As you develop and maintain a fitness routine, you will enjoy the overall feeling of well-being. Your stress levels will be lower, and you’ll love having the increased stamina, strength, and flexibility that exercise delivers.

Teen Workouts - Simple Tips to Help You Get Going

  • Be consistent! This is so important, it should be repeated three times.

    Once you settle on a program, you have to stick to it to the best of your abilities. If you can’t do an exercise right away, do it the best you can, and believe it or not you will find it easier over time. So don’t make excuses to miss a workout—if you do that, your efforts will be over before you’ve even gotten started.

  • Allow your body time to recover between workouts. It’s not wise to exercise the same muscle groups every day. In fact, you should avoid exercising the same muscle group more than twice a week.

    Your muscles need 48 hours to recover from a workout before you put them through another one. This is especially important with teen workouts because the body of a teenager is still growing and not allowing it to rest enough can cause some unwanted negative effects.

    Thus, we strongly suggest that you keep track of your exercise program and progress by using a training log. This is something everyone from beginners to advanced bodybuilders often use. We have some really cool free printable training log workout logs on our site.

  • Eat the right foods! A proper teen fitness nutrition plan is essential. If you combine the right diet with a bodybuilding routine, together they create an effective one-two punch combination.

    Protein is essential for anyone serious about building muscles. You also need fats and carbohydrates, too, believe it or not. Check out the Fitness Nutrition on this website to learn how to calculate the amounts of each you need.

  • Make certain you get enough sleep, and sleep well. You need a minimum of eight hours of sleep—this is a must. This gives you and your muscles recovery time, and it boosts your levels of energy. Plan on a regular bedtime and stick to it.

    If you have difficulty falling asleep, remember to avoid energy drinks later in the day, and try white noise techniques to help you get sleepy. (White noise is like the static sound of the TV when there’s no picture or one of those CDs you can buy with ocean or other nature sounds.)

  • Take your supplements. You also have to consume protein before and after your workouts. For detailed information on this, go to our nutrition page. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to become an expert.

  • Finally, keep in mind that this is a long-term program. That’s the mindset you need in order to stick with it. Remember that you won’t get results overnight or in a couple of months. Building muscle is not something you can do quickly.

    If you think you can cut corners by taking anabolic steroids, think twice. Results will come gradually, and most likely other people will notice them before you do!

Teen Workouts - The Question of Steroids


You cannot take shortcuts on the road to fitness.

Many teenage boys consider the possibility of using anabolic steroids because they want to be on the fast track to gain those muscles.

They don’t understand that there are dangers in using steroids.

If you’re going to succeed at this, you have to remind yourself regularly that you have embarked on a program leading to fitness and muscle development that is a long-term lifestyle choice.

Teen Workouts - Negative Effects of Steroid Use

• Hormonal disruptions occur for men and boys. This means you will have reduced sperm motility, or movement, and low sperm production. Your testicles will shrink. You can become impotent. Your breasts might become enlarged!

• These hormonal disruptions affect girls and women, too. Steroids will decrease their body fat and breast size. Their voices will become deeper. Steroids cause excessive body hair growth, loss of hair, and unnatural enlargement of the clitoris.

• Steroids affect your musculoskeletal system with early or permanent stoppage in growth; this affects males and females.

• Cardiovascular problems can occur that will lead to heart attacks and strokes.

• The skin develops acne and cysts.

• Steroids damage the liver, which leads to potentially fatal internal cysts as well as cancer.

• People on steroids are susceptible to behavioral changes. You might experience frequent mood swings, depression, fatigue, and appetite loss. When you take a high dose by mistake, you will exhibit increased, possibly out-of-control aggressive behavior. And when you stop steroids, your sex drive goes… down.

• The injection of steroids opens your body up to the risk of infection. You might develop AIDS or hepatitis B and C—and there are no cures for these illnesses. These are just a few of the hazards.

We hope this is enough to stop you from taking steroids.

Teen Workouts - Conclusions

Your next step is to evaluate where you are physically. Choose exercise routines that fit your lifestyle.

Formulate a diet, including a meal plan and nutritional supplements, that will give your body what it needs so that you can build it up.

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