The Best Creatine

The best creatine will allow you to add strength and lean muscle mass. If this is your goal then creatine monohydrate is for you.

Of all the supplements to come out in the past decade or so, creatine has the most clinically proven track record. Supplementing with creatine increases ATP production measurably. This results in greater explosive strength and overall work load capacity during training sessions.

Creatine manufacturers will claim that the average person can expect to gain 6-12lbs of muscle in the first two weeks of using creatine. However, most studies have confirmed that it's more like 2lbs in one week.

Creatine is one of the oldest, most tried and true supplements on the market. The reason it hasn't gone away like so many other hyped up miracle supplements is because it simply works. Everyone knows that outside of using steroids, the easiest way to put on some weight quickly is by using creatine.

The Best Creatine - Quality Counts!

To maximize your results with creatine be sure the creatine you're using is of the highest quality. There are literally dozens of bargain basement creatine companies out there in the health shops and particularly on the web.

Most of these companies are selling very low-grade creatine. Some of the creatine powder out there, for instance, is only 30% to 50% pure.

With creatine, as with most supplements in general, it's better to pay a few dollars more for high-quality products than to go the bargain basement route where you also end up skimping on results.

Top 3 Creatine Supplements

The Best Creatine: #1 - Cell-Tech Hardcore by Muscletech.

This is by far the best creatine on the market today owing to the fact that it's light years ahead of any other brand. It's an advanced creatine formula that is clinically proven to be 26x more powerful than regular creatine!

Cell-Tech Hardcore is the fastest acting, most powerful advanced muscle-building creatine formula ever developed by science. Powered by Nanomolecular Hyperdispersion Technology, Cell-Tech Hardcore goes to work immediately, supersaturating your muscles with its hyperosmotic accelerated creatine matrix.

Cell-Tech Hardcore overcomes solubility deficiencies of regular creatine using a precise portion of nanoparticulated creatine particles. These microscopic creatine particles are a fraction of the size of regular creatine particles and can only be seen through the most powerful electron microscopes.

Nanoparticulated creatine particles have an extremely high bioavailability, targeting muscles faster for unparalleled creatine delivery and myocellular saturation.

Based on available published research, there has been nothing proven superior to Cell-Tech Hardcore. It's the ultimate advanced creatine formula for anyone serious about gaining muscle and getting strong extremely quick.

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The Best Creatine: #2 - Prolab Creatine Monohydrate

Prolab Nutrition's Creatine Monohydrate has excellent purity, quality and potency. It's purity is 100% pure Creatine Monohydrate. Each teaspoon provides 5 grams of pure creatine monohydrate. It is great value for money and we recommend it for first-time users that have never tried creatine before.

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The Best Creatine: #3 - ATP Creatine Serum by MM USA

This is a soluble Creatine Phosphate Complex. Formulated from only the purest natural ingredients, it's safe, fast-acting and free of side effects. Superior raw materials blended in the perfect physiologic doses provide peak performance with each use. They've also added Glucosamine to make recovery even faster.

ATP Creatine Serum requires no loading period, has no side effects and works fast. ATP Creatine Serum goes directly to your muscles!

Unlike powdered creatine, liquid creatine serum is designed to be absorbed sublingually, or directly through the mouth tissues. This bypasses the digestive system, which means ATP Creatine Serum reaches the carotid artery in seconds, and from there goes directly to the muscles.

The serum offers creatine monohydrate in stabilized liquid form. With a two+ year shelf-life, it will not break down to waste product creatinine. It also metabolizes faster, safer and more efficiently than powdered creatine.

ATP Creatine is the original no load, no maintenance formula which fuels energy and stamina, and builds and maintains lean muscle mass safely.

The original "No Load, No Maintenance" formula was the first one introduced as a safer alternative to powdered creatine and other performance enhancing supplements. It became an immediate hit among athletes who realized that the serum made it easier for them to exercise harder and longer. It also helped them to get a step ahead of athletes who were using powdered or other forms of creatine.

No loading. No maintenance. Its stability, quick absorption and convenience permits you to take it right before you work out.

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