The Best Weight Gainer

The best weight gainer on the market is Muscletech's Mass-Tech. With the amount of money that Muscletech has put into the research and development of this product, it's not hard to figure-out why this is THE weight gainer of choice for most pro-bodybuilding and athletes.

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Mass-Tech has a unique formula that shocks muscles into growth and forces massive muscle gains right on the chest and arms due to its anabolic compounds clinically proven to build dense muscle mass. It also causes explosive gains in strength very quickly.

Moreover, it's a great tasting high-protein weight gainer and its best feature is the precise blend of muscle-mass building protein, energy-providing carbs and essential healthy (good) fats that help you put on muscle.

This balanced blend of macronutrients is ideal for those looking to pack on some quality lean muscle without adding too much extra fat to their frame.

Each serving portion of Mass-Tech has 45 grams of high-quality protein, 150 grams of energy-producing carbohydrates and 5 grams of fiber to help repair and aid in the growth of muscle size and strength.

It should be taken twice a day mixed with two cups of skim milk per serving. This will give you 2,000 calories per day which will help you pack on slabs of muscle onto your physique.

Also included in the formula are additional support ingredients, including Muscletech's unique proprietary blend MASS-PRO which helps to jump-start your gains in mass.

All in all - Mass-Tech is tough to beat in terms of quality and effectiveness. It's hard to find other weight gainers that have Mass-Tech's nutrient profile.

We recommend this weight gainer for anyone, be it beginners, hard gainers, bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts!

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