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Law Of Attraction & Weight Loss - Can You Think Yourself Thin?

By Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, Natural Competitive Bodybuilder
Author of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

Metaphysics & Brain science merge and prove that positive thinking and goal-setting can literally create your body and life experience

For many years, "positive thinking" and goal-setting were often criticized as "pollyanna" and "the law of attraction" was relegated into the category of "new age" fluff.

On one particular Larry King show, panel experts Bob Proctor, John Assaraf and others who were featured in the movie "The Secret" explained that recent breakthroughs in neuroscience together with understanding mental laws, revealed why goal setting, the "law of attraction" and "positive thinking" all work, regardless of whether one looks at them from a metaphysical or a purely scientific perspective.

Scientists have identified specific parts within brain, such as the reticular activating system (RAS), which works with the visual parts of our brain to draw our attention to things that are important to reaching our goals and to filter out things that are not relevant.

The RAS is activated by "programming" goals into the sub-conscious mind. Our sub-concscious mind is the "power center" and THIS is the mechanism that explains why goal-setting and positive thinking are now being accepted as valid scientific methods for change.

We are now discovering that our brain is cybernetic in nature, which means that it is literally like a computer, waiting for a program to be installed.

Here's the interesting part - the subconcsious is completely neutral and impartial in that it will carry out any instructions you give it.

Unfortunately, many of us are still "running" negative and old programs we picked up from others as children when our non-conscious minds were totally open and impressionable, or which we developed throughout the years as a result of repetition of our own negative thinking.

It turns out that our own thoughts are one of the primary ways that our "mental computer" is programmed on a sub-conscious level.

think yourself thin,

To change our results, we must "overwrite" old negative programming and install positive new programming into our subconscious mind.

This can be achieved through such techniques as written goal setting, positive self-talk and mental imagery (visualization).

In the 1970's, the Soviets and East Germans were the first ones to formally use structured mental rehearsal.

At that time, they dominated in several olympic sports.

This was examined in great detail in Charles Garfield's landmark book "Peak Performance".

Today, all elite athletes use visualization extensively, as we now know that the brain cannot differentiate between real practice and practice that is vividly imagined.

If you're getting more of the same negative results in your life - such as same health problems, or the same body fat continues to return even after you lose it, then you have most likey been un-consciously running negative programs and re-inforcing them with negative thoughts. So, it's time to THINK yourself thin and in better shape.

You can begin the positive mental reprogramming by writing down your goals, changing your internal dialogue and taking a few minutes to relax. Quiet your mind and perform a session of visualization or mental rehearsal every day and try to see yourself in your "mind's eye" not as you currently are, but as you would like to be. If you are having problems with your weight, think yourself thin by visualizing yourself (your body) becoming more fit.

These methods, repeated often enough, will begin to program the non-conscious portion of your mind, which is the same part of the mind that controls heart beat, digestion and new cell production - all of which are on "automatic pilot".

In the last decade, neuroscientists have discovered that we have the capacity to create an infinite number of new neural connections in our brain when we run new thought patterns.

The Old neural pathways are like grooves in a record, and if you are struggling with your health or behaviors in any other area of your life, you have been playing the "old records" over and over again.

If you were to carve a new groove into that record, it would never play the same way again. The old pattern then weakens and then a new one would take over. Brand new, positive thoughts, and images begin to create new neural patterns. If you think yourself thin, you will program your body to take physical action towards achieving that very goal.

Psychologists estimate that it takes from 21 to 30 days to establish a new pattern in our brain. During this time the focus on sticking with our practice and repeating our new thought pattern is critical. During this time you will need to keep up with the positive thinking re-programming process and continuosly think yourself thin in your mind.

How easy is this? For most people, it's not easy at all. In fact, controlling your thinking and keeping it constructive is one of the most difficult challenges. Fortunately, writing goals and reading affirmations can help get you started in the right direction.

You can take some pressure off by simply accepting that negative thoughts and self-criticisms will pop-up from time to time.

So is there really something to this whole "positive thinking" thing?

Philosophers and theologians have been saying yes for the entire span of recorded history: "As you think, so shall you be". Variations on this proverb can be found in almost every spiritual and philosophical tradition.

However, if you are a left-brained type of person, the "prove-it-to-me" type, you don't have to go on faith anymore. Scientists are beginning to prove more convincingly that thoughts are powerful things.

So how soon are you going to begin your mental training alongside your physical training? When are you going to learn how to harness this power that's inside your mind?

Well, guess what? You're already using this force every day because you can't turn it off. Whatever you're thinking and picturing in your mind repeatedly on a daily basis is already on it's way to you. So, it's simply a matter of HOW you are using it, not IF you are using it.

What do you say to yourself every day? Do you think yourself thin by saying: "I'm becoming leaner, healthier and more muscular every day?" or do you say "I'm a fat person - I've tried everything and nothing ever works?"

The fact is, you can think yourself thin and healthy or you can think yourself obese and ill. Maybe not in a literal sense, but most certainly as the critical part in the chain of causation.

There's a lot of talk these days in the personal improvement world about laws of attraction, manifesting, intention, visualization and of course positive thinking.

Without understanding that there is an orderly, scientific basis underneath all these things, many people simply remain skeptics, while on the opposite extreme, others get the idea that you can sit around meditating and think yourself thin, then expect a mystical "law of attraction" to kick in and then "poof!" - a great body materializes out of thin air (along with the perfect relationship, a big bank account and fantastic career success).

What really happens is "positive thinking" and related methods can literally re-program your brain, which in turn creates new behaviors that move you physically towards whatever you have been thinking about. This is how you think yourself thin - start the process by re-programming your mind and following-up with action. Simple enough.

Therefore, success is achieved through positive thinking PLUS positive doing; attraction PLUS action. There are two sides to a coin. Without paying attention to both, you may continue to struggle, often against nothing else but yourself. You can't think yourself thin if you resist taking real action.

If you want to transform your body or any other aspect of your life, then you have to change on the inside (the mind) first and then everything else will soon begin to follow.

This process of scientific goal-setting and mental reconditioning through emotionally charged mental imagery (visualization) and internal mental dialogue (affirmations) is the first thing I've always taught my clients and the first thing I wrote about in my book Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle.

You can learn about all of these techniques on how to think yourself thin in detail in chapter 1. Learn more about the psychology of body transormation inside the Burn The Fat e-book.


think yourself thin,

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