The Three Body Types

three body types,

Three Body Types - Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph

Mike Westerdal
Founder of Critical Bench Inc.

All of us have at some point in time probably looked a bit jealously a some guy at the gym who hardlly breaks a sweat to put on muscle mass.

However, we have also seen skinny guys that just can't seem to bulk up, no matter what they do. And of course, we have seen the stocky guy who struggles to get in shape and puts on fat if he walks past a donut shop.

Of course, I'm exaggerating but it's not that far from the truth. Some guys put on muscle easier than others, while some guys have a really hard time puting on any. In all of these cases, genetics - specifically the three body types - are to blame (to a certain extent).

three body types,

There are three body types: Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph.

Each body type has its own set of unique visible characteristics - the things seen on the outside.

In addition, each also has its set of unique internal characteristics - like the metabolism. Knowing about the different body types, their unique qualities, how they operate and react to weight training and diet can help you achieve your goals regardless of what body type you happen to have.

The ectomorph body type is the naturally skinny body. People with this body type are called hardgainers, which means that putting on muscle mass is really hard. An ectomorph guy can lift hard and heavy for weeks and weeks and still only realize minimal gains. Ectomorphs are usually very lean and have small frames, a flat chest more or less, narrow shoulders and a super fast metabolism. These are the people who can eat anything they want and hardly put on any weight at all.

For an ectomorph to get results, he needs to understand the nuances of his body type and what is required to put on mass for his type of body. Ectomorphs need to focus on both lifting weights and taking in enough calories. Ectomorph body types need plenty of time to rest and recover between workout sessions - more time than people with other body types. Finally, they should avoid most types of cardio.

Endomorph people are those with naturally athletic bodies. They are usually stronger, larger-framed and have well-defined muscles. These are the guys who make putting on muscle mass seem effortless.

However, that's not really the case though, it only seems like it. The truth of the matter is that for most endomorphs, putting on muscle mass is much easier than for ectomorphs. On the flip side, it's also much easier for an endomorph to put on fat than it is for an ectomorph. Therefore, for most endomorphs, a regular regimen of weight training with moderate cardio is the ideal mix.

The mesomorph is the third of the body types. Guys with this body type are the ones that are usually shorter (but not always) and generally have thick arms and big legs. Mesomorphs usually put on muscle relatively easy. Powerlifters and competitive bodybuilders are most often mesomorphs. However, on the negative side, the mesomorph metabolism is very slow, meaning that it's easy for them to put on fat. If mesomorphs are to stay lean, they need to do plenty of cardio in addition to their weight lifting.

Regardless of which of the three body types you have, it's important not to blame anything on your genetics because you are not condemned to looking a certain way just because you have a specific body type.

If you understand your body type and its unique characteristics you can achieve your fitness or body building goals!


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Mike Westerdal is the founder of Critical Bench Inc.

Critical Bench is an ultra-popular free online weightlifting magazine that has the Internet's largest FREE exercise database.

It's also home to the Critical Bench Program that teaches people how to gain muscle mass and increase their bench press.

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