Total Gym Workout Routine

total gym workout routine,

Looking for an effective total gym workout routine?

It’s a good feeling when you walk into a gym, and you know what machines you’ll be using and how to use them.

You’re already considering what routines you’re going to pump up with some added weight or reps.

On this website you’ll find many workout programs.

These are great if you’re thinking of changing your schedule or if you just want something different for a while.

This page is also for the many people seeking advice for putting together a total gym workout routine.

On this site, we have tons of complete and total workout programs for you to look at.

You can choose routines from beginner to competitor. We have links that show you how to do the exercises.

total gym workout routine,

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Total Gym Workout Routine - Know Your Body Type Because It Indicates Your Workout Regime

What’s your body type? You’re either an ectomorph, endomorph, or mesomorph. Most people are a combination of at least two types, but you’ll be able to recognize which one is dominant.

Ectomorphs are the proverbial 97-pound weaklings. If you’re a guy, you’re skinny and bony. If you’re a gal, people tell you how lucky you are to be thin, but you know they really think you should just put on a few pounds. Ectomorphs are often called hardgainers—no reason to explain why!

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Ectomorphs have one advantage over people with other physiques:

Once you begin an exercise program, you’ll see results quickly. It’s also true that what we know about muscle development and supplements has come a long way.

You’re going to find that with hard work and dedication, people will be noticing a big change within a month or two.

The ectomorph can do minimal cardio, just one workout a week, and concentrate at all other times on high weights with low reps.

Get yourself onto an exercise bench, and just start lifting. You can start with concentration curls, triceps work, lunges, and side laterals, and don’t forget your pushups.

Endomorphs, on the other hand, have round bodies with heavy thighs. They tend to put on weight easily, and it accumulates in the lower abdomen and legs with that unrelenting pear-shape. You will probably have the most difficult time mastering your build, but when you do it will be enviable. Beneath that fat you’re fighting is a curvy physique.

Men will have the shoulders and stance to carry a room, and women will exhibit the delicate curves of a femme fatale. It’s just getting there that’s difficult!

The best routines for endomorphs involve the low intensity aerobic routines that burn fat. You might want to try kickboxing or spinning. But you also need to tone, so start out with low weight, high rep workouts. Choose at least one exercise for each part of your body to start with. Interval step classes are great fat burners. Set dates for increasing your weights, and stick to them.

Mesomorphs are the lucky people who draw envy from everybody else. You are rangy and muscular, with wide shoulders that go well with other body symmetry. People feed off your vitality, and your metabolism knows no bounds.

The mesomorph body responds quickly to any diet or exercise regimen. Your workout needs to include equal parts of cardio and weights. You need less rest between sets than other body types.

So what’s stopping you from getting started? If you’re going to spend money on yourself, let it be on a gym membership —and then use it. You can download all kinds of total gym workouts from this website, print them, and take them to your gym.

But don’t let money stop you. You can also save these workouts to your hard drive and work on them at home. Look for suggestions we have for Free Workout Programs. Start with a cheap bench. Get a stability ball. Invest in some dumbbells, and start your program right in your living room.

Total Gym Workout Routine - Keep Motivated and Focused

Keep yourself motivated so that you workout three or four days a week. Play some music that puts your backfield in motion. Exercise with a friend, so that on days when one of you wants to punk out the other one keeps you both going.

Another way to stay motivated is to keep varying your routine. Some days you can do a class. On other days you can lift weights. And on others, you can run through the machine circuit. Remember, too, that perfecting your form while you exercise is more important than the number of reps. You will not strengthen or build your muscles by rushing through routines.

And during your any total gym workout routine pay attention to your progress —don’t keep working the same muscles. Over-working muscles that are coming along pretty well is a major mistake of fitness buffs. Look over our suggested routines to keep the focus moving over all areas of your body.

You can set short-term goals —these are week by week— by establishing increases in your weights or numbers of reps.

You can set long-term goals, measured as months pass, by weighing or measuring your progress. Just imagine where you can be in a year from today! Thus, go ahead and sign-up for our free newsletter and get full access to our database of free workouts and download the total gym workout routine you need in minutes!

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