Ugh boobs!

by Haylee

Just turned 20, finally about to get my boob job(:. I'm 5'6" 31-24-34 right now. Soo very close! I crave to be ideal 34-24-34, will not stop till I am. Been craving it since my first barbie, and I don't think it's wrong at all to strive for perfect.

You have one life and one body to live it in, why not make that body as perfect as u possibly can while it matters. The human brain works off aesthetics, when it comes to be visually "appealing" to other humans - 5'7" 34-24-34 is the ideal aesthetic for a perfect woman's body to our subconscious. Just the same as the ancient Grecian ideal face chart with all of the correct "ideal" facial measurements and attributes are perfectly in sync with one another - which is how we, still, today subconsciously judge a face "attractive" or not, or how attractive they are, or how much more attractive to another. They appear more attractive to our eye simply because they're face is closer to an ideal face than the other, and our brains instantaneously recognize that.

I'm not saying every woman should want this at all, it's pure preference. If you're a woman that doesn't care, hey, fantastic! We're all different, and that's just fine!(:

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