Universal Animal Max Protein

Universal Animal Max Protein is produced by is a small company called Universal Nutrition. In recent years they have shifted much of their focus on one product that they produce better than anyone - Animal Pack.

This is an entire line of multivatimin packets that contain the most advanced and most-accurately dosed ingredients essential for muscle building. Bodybuilders will swear by Animal Pack products - and so do we!

That being said, we have to say that Universal's protein powder line is something that may be falling behind. The Animal Pack(s) line has taken too much attention away from the whey protein line.

We at fitness-and-bodybuilding-workouts.com like the fact that Animal Max has 30gr of protein per scoop (most other brands will have up to 26gr "only"). What we don't like is the small container sizes (2.2lbs, ~1kg) which we go through very fast. Furthermore, the price per/unit (per gr.) is a little bit high as well.

Universal markets its products as niche products for serious athletes and bodybuilders. The "big-leagues" as they often brand their product lines.

However, we score it low precisely for that reason - how many of us are pro-bodybuilders!? How many of us have the money to buy professional-grade products at premium prices? We are not pro-bodybuilders that have sponsors and most likely get the stuff for free.

For the average fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast value-for-money is a reality. Thus, in terms of protein we would suggest looking to another brand because if you would plan to use only Universal's powders you will soon realize that it can get costly.

However, we strongly recommend Universal's Animal Pack(s) since even the birds know that this is THE vitamin and mineral supplement product that is light years ahead of any other brand in the market. Also, the price is realistic and offers good value for money considering the kind of superior product you are getting.

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