Weight Lifting Workouts

What makes a great weight-lifting session?

If you assemble some weight lifting workouts, persevere with regular sessions, and concentrate on your form, you will gain weight and muscle mass.

Routines that work for one person are not necessarily best for someone else, so try some of our workouts to find out which ones you like.

What you're going to find in your neighborhood gym are cable-pulley equipment, plate-loaded machines, barbells, and dumbbells. You're going to use them to work your way through a variety of exercises guaranteed to burn fat, boost your heart rate, and stimulate your metabolism.

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Which Equipment to Use

Powerlifters alternate barbells and dumbbells in their workouts. Barbells allow you to lift more weight during your reps to maximize strength. With a dumbbell, more muscle groups participate in lifting the weight, resulting in greater muscle mass. Cable pulleys and plate-loaded machines, on the other hand, work best for those focusing on toning or muscle definition.

Focus on Long Term Results

The first thing you should remember, no matter which technique you're using, is that no one is judging you. Proper form should be your primary focus. You'll reap more benefit from a routine even if you have to use lighter weights. Believe it or not, you will make progress. Eventually you will be able to do the routine using heavier weights and still maintain form.

You keep hearing about reps-let's analyze one. Each rep has a positive and a negative phase. When you're doing the part of the exercise that takes all your muscle power, that's the positive phase. Some examples are pressing the bar up while you're lying flat on the bench, the pushing up part of a push up, the sitting-up part of a crunch.

The negative phase occurs when your muscles are more relaxed. This is not always the second phase of an exercise -in squats or lunges, the negative phase comes as you lower yourself. But it's still a vital part of the exercise, because you are exerting control of the weight you're moving. This is true even if the weight is your own body mass. Also, you are modulating your breathing pattern.

The best way to work them is two seconds on the positive phase and three seconds on the negative. Try three to four sets of each rep, and with each set try to add five pounds of weight. If you're building for mass and strength, use more weight and fewer reps per set. Those who want to tone up need less weight and higher reps.

Build up Slowly

Every week that you work on your weight lifting workouts, you should be able to add weight to your rep. Most people try to add five pounds to their sets. If you go for a week or two without being able to add weight, don't worry about it. But beyond that, you should take it as a signal that you're overtraining, or possibly you're not resting up properly.

Getting Enough Rest is Crucial

Sufficient rest is critical for every weight lifter. Your body builds new muscle tissue when you're in bed at night. This is also the time when muscles repair themselves from the weight lifting workouts they've experienced.

Aim at getting eight hours of sleep per night. If you don't get enough, your gains will be less than optimal, even if you don't realize it. If you find that you are overactive on your rest days, extend the number of rest days until your body stabilizes.

Just about everybody experiences a period when they overtrain. You'll know you've reached it when suddenly, inexplicably, you can't lift the weight you've been lifting. Your body is just rebelling. It's your signal to take a break.

You can spend a few days completely away from the gym, or just try some low impact stuff simply intended to keep your body moving. When you go back, try lifting 75% of the weight you lifted at your last cycle, and do that for a week or two.

Weight Lifting Workouts and Supplements

Supplements are vital to your regimen. Most important are the protein powders and protein bars. You cannot build new muscle tissue without protein!

There are other supplements that are intended as meal replacements, and they have specially calibrated ratios of proteins and carbohydrates. They also help with calorie control. It's also useful to take these immediately before and after your workouts.

To choose other supplements, read carefully about the various types, because not everybody needs everything.

Putting Things into Practice

This website features a variety of weight lifting workouts that you can print out and take to the gym. You can also download them to your hard drive so that they're accessible whenever you need them.

They've been put together so that you'll rotate which muscle groups you're working, and the routines you do on a given day will complement one another.

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