Weightlifting Fat Loss

weightlifting fat loss,

The weightlifting fat loss correlation is one that is obvious to most experienced weightlifters but not to the less experienced novice.

The purpose of this article is to explain how weightlifting will help you burn fat.

Weightlifting involves the use of free weights such as barbells and dumbbells as an oposing force to muscle contractions (known as concentric motion or positive) and retractions (known as eccentric motion or negative). The oposing force causes muscles to develop and grow bigger and stronger.

Here is how weightlifting helps you burn fat. Once you start weightlifting your muscles will begin to grow bigger. As this growth occurs your body will produce more testosterone because that is THE male hormone needed to build muscle.

weightlifting fat loss,

Think of testosterone as the natural enemy of fat. The more muscle mass you have the harder it will be for fat to "survive".

Furthermore, weightlifting will elevate your metabolism (and heart rate - read article on fat burning heart rate) and make it more efficient at burning calories. Once you jack-up your metabolism by doing regular weightlifting workouts your body will burn calories effectively even when you are resting at home.

Weightlifting ensures that all calories you ingest are "built-in" more effectively and used as energy (carbohydrates) and for muscle building (protein).

Provided that you don't eat too many simple carbohydrates or sugars, your weightlifting efforts will result in a more muscular physique with less fat.

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