What a boring world it would be...

by Kimberly M.

What a boring world it would be if all us females looked the same. 34-24-34. Oh look at that girl she has a lovely figure, like the one behind her and the one behind her and oh, I have that figure too. How boring!!!

I love looking at different girls and their body shapes and accents. I for one am pretty obsessed with my own as I am a professional dancer, model and I love bodybuilding. I love my shape. It's perfect for me and I love having the ability to alter aspects of it.

Fat % is the only true measurement anyone should be taking and setting goals for. It works for all body shapes, types etc. I only measure or weigh myself prior to getting my fat measured. You wanna look lean then change your focus away from the 34-24-24 bull* and take a look at your fat%.

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