Looking for Information on Whey Protein Side Effects?

The short and quick answer is: there are no known whey protein side effects. We have searched a variety of sources and even medical libraries in search of any documented case where whey protein may have directly caused some adverse side effects and we were not able to find anything.

In fact, we found documented information in several medical sites where doctors put patients in recovery on a whey protein diet to speed up their rehabilitation process and to avoid putting too much stress on the digestive system for any number of reasons.

Not that we needed to search for documented evidence since so many of us that are into fitness and bodybuilding have guzzled down boatloads of whey protein over the years and if there were any side effects to whey we all would have had some by now. We are all living proof it is a safe product - plain and simple!

Whey protein has been around for over two decades and the quality is only getting better and better. Considering that it is made as a byproduct of cheese production it is understandable how it doesn't have any side effects since it made from an all-natural source.

How is it made? Well, the process is not so simple but to summarize the main steps we can tell you that when milk is treated to change its pH balance an ingredient called Casein (also a type of protein) hardens and the whey protein coagulates on top of it while the casein seperates itself from the milk by floating to the top.

Thus, the whey protein is then collected off the top and processed.

The processing system itself determines the quality (and production cost) or concentration of whey protein.

If you buy protein that says, for example: "95% pure whey" it will most likely be more expensive than the less pure ones owing to the fact that said protein had to undergo more processing and filtering steps before it was finally dried into the powder form we are all used to seeing.

Thus, if you haven't used whey protein before and had some fear or reservations as to whey protein side effects - don't fear and feel free to incorporate it into your regular nutrition plan to complement your workouts!

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