Why is Fitness Important?

Why is Fitness Important - Fitness Lifestyle Benefits Most Magazines and Experts Forget to Talk About

By Joey Atlas, MS - Exercise Physiology
Creator of the Lower Body Makeover Program

My first visit to a health club was thirty years ago when I was five years old. Although it was such a long while ago, I remember clearly how that visit triggered a desire within me to lead a fitness lifestyle. That desire is still with me today.

I can write forever about the health benefits of working out and eating sensibly. However, in all probability you already heard about all the good things. Thus, I won’t talk about the things you already know.

However, I will list the benefits that you can't see on a weight scale, in a mirror or on a medical check-up exam.

I’m talking about the influence you will exert upon others who are close to you - your children, your parents, friends and co-workers.

why is fitness important,

When my father chose a fitness lifestyle and exposed me to it, he was imparting a wisdom on me that would positively impact and influence his descendants for future generations.

Smart guy, I would say! He didn't even need to give me long stories or speaches on why is fitness important.

He answered that question loud and clear by SHOWING me!

There were many other factors that caused me to have a strong desire to lead a healthy lifestyle.

As a kid, I remember noticing the difference between how my father looked and how other "non-fit" guys in his age bracket looked. The difference was nothing short of staggering.

Furthermore, in terms of physical abilities, he could do things all by himself that three or four out-of-shape guys would normally need to do.

After witnessing all these things, I knew that I also wanted to be fit when I grew up.

Thus, my dad was leading by example. I wasn't the only one that learned from his example - my brothers and sister did as well. All of them are committed to fitness and eating properly (well, at least most of the time). Thus, for us, the question of why is fitness important is an easy one to answer.

My kids now watch my wife and I workout and eat healthy. Thus, the same influence I was exposed to as a kid is now also positively impacting my kids - the next generation.

My kids want to use our home gym, they like doing stretches and floor exercises, and they really enjoy eating nuts and fruits as snacks instead of candy and cookies (of course sometimes they indulge in cookies and ice-cream etc).

Therefore, my point is that by taking care of himself my father was in a sense taking care of his kids and grandchildren as well. Also, you can rest assured that his great grandchildren will benefit from his way of life as well.

What better gift to pass down to another person than the desire to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle and reap all the benefits of a better quality of life that go with it? There is no better gift in my opinion.

Remember, you are not only influencing your children, but also you can positively impact your friends, parents and co-workers. I’ve seen this happen time and time again with many clients I have worked with.

The are many reasons, but the end result is always the same. Without a doubt, your healthy lifetsyle will inspire other people around you to take better care of themselves by engaging in activities that will enable them to have a healthier lifestyle.

Therefore, the moral of this story is that by leading a lifestyle of fitness and sensible nutrition, you will be taking care of more people than just yourself! This is the answer to the question "why is fitness important" that can really motivate you in a profound way!


About the Author

Joey Atlas has authored the Amazon.com bestseller Fatness to Fitness and is the creator of the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover program for Women.

He is a sought after fitness expert that has helped many women get fit and sexy - PERMANENTLY!

For more information on Joey's program visit www.lowerbodymakeover.com

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