Women are Perfect for Men

by Lillie
(Valledupar Cesar Colombia)

The article states that in South America women with a bigger waist-to-hip-ratio are considered ideal, when in fact it is the opposite. According to the article a woman with a waist-to-hip-ratio of .08 or .09 is considered most attractive. For a woman to have a .08 waist to hip ratio the difference between her hips and waist must be 6 inches or less.

For example a woman with a waist of 24 inches or 60 cm would have hips as small 30 inches or 76 cm. Yet all over Latin America the perfect measurements are considered to be 90-60-90. In fact, those numbers are considered perfection. If a man is describing a woman the highest praise he can give is to say "She's a 90-60-90". That is the same waist measurement about 24 inches but with the hips 14 cm or 5.5 inches bigger!

A 90-60-90 gives a waist-to-hip-ratio of .06. May I suggest that in Asia the .08 or .09 ratios are considered the most attractive and in South America .06 is considered the most attractive.

I cannot say about Africa as I have no experience there. However, I have lived in both Asia and South America. In my opinion, it is as simple as this: men find women attractive. What I mean is this - men are attracted to the concept they have of "woman". This idea is formed by what they see around them and the women in their own culture. Therefore men in Asia, who are surrounded by women who have a small difference between waist and hips, are attracted to that body type. While men in South America, where the women have bigger hips compared to their waists, are attracted to that type of woman.

A woman feels a lot of pressure to fit into a certain mold but what we as women need to remember is that healthy women are attractive. As long as the waist-to-hip-ratio doesn't reach 1 then a woman is healthy and men all over the world are attracted to that.

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