women body sculpting,

Women Body Sculpting - Targeted Body Sculpting Exercises for Women

By Joey Atlas, M.S., Exercise Physiology
Creator of The Butt, Hip And Thigh Makeover DVD Fitness Program

Body sculpting means to mold, form and reshape the body.

However, there are many myths that give a more complicated, and often times dangerous, meaning to the concept of body sculpting.

Manufacturers try to push their latest exercise gadgets, spas sell their "unique" body-wrap treatments, hardcore personal trainers advocate painful & time consuming "weights and machines" type of workouts and vitamin companies sell body-sculpting pills.

All of them try to tap into the emotional pain centers of women (and men) of all body types and fitness levels just to increase sales without ever delivering the desired end result safely and with as little cost as possible.

When I say cost, I don't only mean financial cost but also the loss of one's self confidence and trust in others. Others that are supposed to be helping you and not taking unfair advantage of you in desperate or uncertain circumstances.

Safe and permanent women body sculpting can be achieved without a gym membership, without frequent visits to a "body-wrapping" spa, without dangerous diet supplements and without agonizing workouts.

As a career fitness professional and trainer I have worked with many women from different life backgrounds, physical abilities, fitness levels and emotional starting points.

women body sculpting,

Each of them brought their own definition of body sculpting into the evaluation process and this helped me realize that most women have their own personal definition of what it means to be in great shape.

Some women want to lose weight and get firmer and stronger. Some want to maintain their weight and tone-up with more shapely and curvy muscles.

Others want to build certain body areas, such as their butt or thighs and add a little bit of healthy body weight to their frame.

However, most women don't understand that the method by which their goals can be achieved is quite realistic.

Weightlifting and bodybuilder-type workouts are not for everyone. This type of fitness routine is really not so realistic for most people - let alone for busy women with careers and/or families.

When you are young and single you have time for this time consuming kind of lifestyle. However, as we develop our careers and grow our family, going to the gym every day and spending 2 hours there is really not a realistic habit.

So, what's the solution when it comes to women body sculpting? It's simple really. Namely, by performing a variety of bodyweight exercises with some simple fitness tools (mat, exercise ball), a woman can make progress and achieve her specific body-sculpting goals. Exercise form, tempo, sequence and progression are all underutilized elements in women's workout routines.

By using these different variables and composing a body sculpting program that can be done anywhere and anytime, (at home when the kids are asleep or before work) most excuses and obstacles that would prevent a woman from achieving long term fitness success are removed.

Thus, you need to replace your past failures, mis-conceptions, excuses and obstacles with proper information, proven and effective exercises and targeted fitness tactics. This will clear your path to body sculpting success.


About the Author

Joey Atlas is the author of the Amazon.com bestseller Fatness to Fitness and creator of the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover program for Women.

Joey is a highly sought after expert that has many tricks up his sleeve when it comes to helping women get fit and sexy - PERMANENTLY.

For more information on Joey's program visit www.lowerbodymakeover.com

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