Workout Supplements

Why considering workout supplements?

When you’re training hard, there are times when you’ll feel like one of those Rock’em Sock’em Robots you had as a kid, mired into a routine that’s going no place fast.

That’s when you need to take a look at the workout supplements that are there to help you. And there are some that you just shouldn’t do without.

Which Supplements to Consider

Glutamine is a major catalyst for protein metabolism. Yes, it’s an amino acid, and, as you know by now, they are the building blocks of protein. Researchers focusing on glutamine demonstrated that bodybuilders using it could train to exhaustion for six days and maintain their power level. In addition, on each day of training it took them longer to reach exhaustion.

A drop in power when you’re training can signify that you’re overtraining. Glutamine,as one of the better workout supplements, gives you that boost you need to keep going. And as your workout level rises, your muscles will steal glutamine from the cells that maintain your immune system. So you need glutamine to keep your body at full throttle. You can take it up to four times a day, 5-10 mg at wake-up and at bedtime, and just before and after workouts.

You need other amino acids, as well. Whey protein does a lot more than build muscle mass. It also stimulates bone growth and increases both your mental and physical reflexes. It keeps your blood sugar levels on an even keel and helps your brain to release endorphins, the feel-good biochemical. Look for a whey protein product that does not contain artificial sweeteners; a product with herbal additives can be a palatable, healthy alternative.

Whey is actually one of the branched-chain amino acids, and these BCAAs combine a series of compounds that throw a one-two punch at muscle loss. BCAAs are such effective protein synthesizers that they’re used to rebuild muscle and skin tissue in burn victims. Try 20 grams of whey before your workout and 40 grams afterward, but take another BCAA like L-Lysine, 1-2 grams per day, to help your body manufacture the connective tissues you need for muscles.

You can’t put together a routine with workout supplements without including Creatine. Research leaves no doubt that creatine pumps up strength and mass. If you use a basic creatine monohydrate compound, look for one that’s crystallized as finely as possible for maximum benefit. Creatine binds with phosphates within your cells to produce ATP, adenosine triphosphate, which enhances muscle function. It also boosts a biochemical growth factor called IGF-1 that produces a natural anabolic effect for muscle growth.

Because of creatine’s resistance to absorption after you consume it, try taking it with 75-100 mg of simple carbs like fruit, or look for a power bar. Your daily dose depends on your size; a 200-pound (90 kg) male can take about 16 mg per day, but take 4 mg four times daily because otherwise you’ll just excrete it. Do that for a week, and then cut back to a maintenance dose of 2 grams four times daily. If you notice intestinal distress at the loading dose, then just cut it back.

Workout Supplements for Women

Women, you’re undoubtedly aware that you have a different set of needs. Your physiology is different. Your hormones are different. And most women do not want to bulk up like the guys.

You can burn four times as many calories lifting as you can in an hour of cardio, because the calorie-burning effect of lifting carries into the next day. Don’t fear that you’ll look like The Hulk just from regular lifting, it takes dedication to develop that kind of musculature.

Women need to load protein and carbs after a workout just as men do. The best way to get your daily protein and carbs is through a power bar with 20-40 grams of carbs. Protein powders, whey or soy, are acceptable for women as well as men; just drink about a gallon of water daily, and don’t skimp on carbs. Your daily consumption should be 20-40 grams from your choice of powder. Avoid protein powders with high sodium levels.

Soy can be your pal while you’re on the road to fitness. Many snacks are soy-based, and soy protein is a great source of calcium. Soy also boosts bone density and estrogen levels.

More common workout supplements like multivitamins are vital for women. For one thing, iron supplementation is a recurring problem. In addition, research shows that women consume only about 65% of recommended daily vitamin and minerals. Getting your nutrition from food makes it easier for your body can convert it into what it needs, but do take daily vitamins.

Women can gain substantial benefits from fat burners. But you already know that fat burners only work if you’re lifting in conjunction with a solid cardiovascular regimen. If there’s a chance you could become pregnant, you should avoid fat burners, because they do stimulate the central nervous system.

Caffeine, up to 200 mg taken before your workout, boosts your energy level during your routine and also enhances your level of cAMP, cyclic adenosine monophosphate. This will increase your fat burn while you’re working out. If you’re avoiding ephedra products, you’ll be glad to know that many supplements have replaced it with citrus aurantium, also known as bitter orange. It has fewer side effects than ephedra, and it does show promise as a fat burner. You need at least 325 mg daily.

Women should be careful with compounds that eliminate fatty foods quickly through the intestinal tract. These deplete your body of the fats that you need to maintain healthy hair, skin, and body tissues.

Workout Supplements - Conclusions

Ultimately, men need to know that they will have difficulty gaining muscle without supplements. And while women usually don’t want to bulk up, they can still benefit from proteins, fat burners, and vitamins.

Keep in mind that all of the supplements mentioned on this website are natural, and where we’ve seen side effects, we’ve mentioned them here.

Supplements have been on the market for a long time, with much to offer you, and many successful athletes are using them every day.

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